Prepping for your Equine Photo Shoot

Have you ever considered doing a photo shoot with your 4-legged best friend, but maybe didn’t know where to start, or immediately felt overwhelmed? I have been lucky enough to get to work with various photographers over the years, and I want to share a bit of what I have learned when it comes to making a shoot successful.


Step 1: Find a Photographer

This is the obvious first step, but definitely an important one. Consider your location and your budget as you start browsing. I highly recommend selecting a photographer that has experience with horses if possible, as they will already know what angles look best, the importance of ears (and how to get them up!), and in general how to make your horse look his/her best. That being said, I have worked with a photographer that didn’t have any horses in his portfolio when I did my bridal pictures, and they turned out absolutely incredible. Moral of the story, don’t automatically discount a photographer that hasn’t had an opportunity to shoot horses before but prior equine experience is a definite plus.

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