Barn Boot Socks

If you follow me on IG you probably already know that I’m obsessed with Dreamers n Schemers boot sock. Not only is the owner Kristina the nicest person in the world, the socks are the cutest and best socks I have ever tried. I have a full blown addiction to them at this point and never hesitate to add to my growing collection.

A brilliant (if I say so myself) idea popped into my head one day, and I decided to order custom barn socks from DnS. Kristina is super easy to work with, and she send me several design option based on my description of what I wanted. In a surprisingly short amount of time later (barely a week!) the socks were on my doorstep. Pretty much everyone at my barn ordered a pair as well, and I can’t wait to all be wearing them at the fall shows.

Anyone else have a cool front heading their way this week? The projected high tomorrow is 90!!! I can’t believe it. The majority of my barn headed to Santa Fe today to soak up the cooler temps there, but it looks like those of us left behind in Texas might get a tiny reprieve from the heat as well. THANK GOODNESS. I can’t wait to take advantage of it this week. With most of the barn gone I plan to spend the majority of my time pampering Rio. I had two orders (yes two) arrive from Riding Warehouse this past week, full of goodies like fancy new tack cleaner (Higher Standards) and detangler (Knotty Horse Apricot Oil). I will be playing with all my new stuff and trying it out on Rio.

Rio does not hate being spoiled.

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  1. Cute socks! I was thinking about having some made too! I have a pair from Swanky Saddle with my logo that I love.
    It’s been TX hot up here in CT the past few days, with “feels like” temps over 100. But then it’s dropping like a rock and the high tomorrow is in the 70’s. We’re all going to freeze!

  2. She helped us do custom barn socks too and they were great! I really want to redo with the new design and get more. Yours are adorable!

    Also, still addicted to higher standards soaps.

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