How-To: Boot Lacing

I realized awhile ago that my spurs were rubbing my laces and one day the lace of my right boot finally snapped. I was a bit freaked at first, because I’ve never had to re-lace boots before and I didn’t know how. After going through the process, I realized it really wasn’t daunting at all! So for all of you who have even been scared to re-lace your boots, this how-to boot lacing tutorial is for you!


Step 1: Buy Laces

I started by browsing Amazon. I bought these laces in the deep brown color to match my boots in the 70 cm length. In hindsight,  I definitely should have bought the 80 cm length.  Don’t be like me, but the 80 cm length! I was able to make the 70 cm length but the 80 would be much easier to tie off at the end.

Step 2: Start Lacing

As far as the how-to section, I basically paid attention to how my boot was laced before taking out the broken lace and just immigrated the same technique with the new lace. It was honestly super easy and straight forward and I don’t know why I was intimidated in the beginning. Check out the video for the entire process! If you boot is facing away from you, you knot the end of the lace and start on the top left hole. Half way down you criss-cross down to the bottom left hole and work you way back up to the middle. Again, just watch the video for the exact process, it’s easier then explaining haha!


Step 3: Finished Product

Wha-la! All done! Way quicker and easier then I ever anticipated and it turned out great!

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