Pretty Pic & Help Wanted

So I was going to write a post about the various popular alternative therapies and see which ones have legitimate  research backing them up, but…. It’s too much. There is so much sham ‘research’ out there to sift through. That post will have to wait because it is going to take some serious time to compile. That being said, if you know of any good, credible research supporting any of these therapies please share! For now, please enjoy this cute confo pic of The Moose aka Rio.

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  1. Meh. I think most of it temporary gratification at best. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing either. I’ve found chiro to be really helpful for some horses, less so for others. I haven’t done much other stuff really, so not terribly helpful.
    Rio looks adorable in his photo!

    1. Thanks! Ya, I am of the same thought for most of this stuff. Like, is it worth $150/session for XYZ if it only “feels good” for a few hours? Idk hard to say

  2. Wow Moose I mean Rio has beefed up hasnt he? He looks amazing. And i know zilch so i am just admiring the pretty photo of a great horse 🙂 HA!

    1. Yes he has! I think now that he has hi 8 he is really “filling out” and turning into a beefy boy! Or maybe he’s just fat, take your pick LOL

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