Custom Deniro Boots Review

Last fall I decided to buy a new pair of Deniros. If you read my original review, you will know I already have 2 pairs of Deniros and I absolutely adore them.  A friend of mine reminded me that I hadn’t done this yet, so here is my latest custom Deniro boots review!

Although my everyday pair (brown ones) were still in great usable condition after 3 years of continuous use, I was starting to notice some wear last fall. For example, the tongue under the laces had developed a small hole on both boots. Thus far, the only repair I had to do on them was replace the zippers back in summer of 2018 (for a grand total of $80). The small holes in the tongue are nothing a quick trip to my favorite repair shop  couldn’t fix, but I didn’t like the idea of having to use my show pair (black) while the brown ones were in the shop.

custom deniro boots
Photo by Jamie Brogdon Equestrian, apparel by Kerrits


Yes, I’m sure I would have been fine using my show boots for a few weeks, but I started to realize that a new pair might be nice for everyday use. Unlike the majority of riders, I cannot simply drop into a tack shop and pick up new boots if I have a sudden major issue with mine. They simply do not makes boots even close to tall enough for me. I have searched for many years, and it just isn’t a thing. I have to go to the “semi-custom” route, which basically means I can wear a standard shoe size, but need custom calf and height measurements. For the purpose of this blog though, I will just call them custom.

Right away I knew I wanted another brown pair. I LOVE brown boots. Since I already own a pair of brown boots though, I wanted to get a tiny bit more adventurous and maybe choose some custom details. I started by reaching out to a few places that sell Deniros (a combo of reps and tack stores). I had a horrible buying experience from the last place I got Deniros from, so I didn’t want to repeat that process. I also knew that since I was going to want more custom options this time I would probably need a bit of hand holding in order to make the best decisions in order to get what I wanted.


custom deniro boots
Just a few of the options Lisa provided me with

I decided to order through Lisa at Wyldewood Tack after a few consultation emails. Some of the people I initially spoke with couldn’t even provide me with the available leather options and boot styles, which I found truly mind boggling. Lisa was incredibly organized, fast to respond, and immediately provided me with all my options. I had a vague idea of what I wanted, and she helped me make all the necessary decisions while also offering up many of her own ideas (which I ended up loving and would have never thought of without her!).

She was also really upfront about the costs during the whole process. So upfront in fact that she said if I waited about a month to order they would be holding their yearly Deniro promotional day where I could expect some sort of discount (which totally ended up saving me a little over $100). I really appreciated that and was happy to wait. All in, my new boots were a little under $1,000. Yes, it’s a lot of money but IME Deniros truly last.

My first brown pair are still perfectly rideable even without having the tiny tongue holes repaired, which no one can even see them but me. I still get tons of compliments on them, and they polish and clean up great. I fully expect that they could have easily lasted 2-3 yrs with regular use. Now that they will be sharing the workload with my new pair, I expect they will last quite a bit longer. Want the custom fit without the extra modifications?  You can expect to pay around $750-850.

After some googling I knew I wanted something similar to this:

Yes, I wanted a little customization, but I still ride hunters and prefer a mostly traditional look. I knew I wanted a dress boot this time around, as both my other pairs are field boots and I wanted to mix it up. I didn’t want any of the really extravagant tops that some boots have (even though many are gorgeous), and I didn’t want any wild colors or patterns. After several back and forth emails with Lisa, we nailed down my choices and were to ready to order on their Deniro promotional day.

custom deniro boots
The mock-up for my boots

Expect your custom boots from Deniro to take approximately 12-14 weeks. These bad boys are made just for you in Italy, and they take some time. I ordered in mid October and that arrived at the end of December. The fit was perfect (I already new my size from my previous boots) and they were drop dead gorgeous. In one small area Deniro dropped the ball though. there was supposed to be contrast stitching along the ankle area with a lighter brown thread. Wyldewood was amazing and offered to send them back to Deniro to be redone, but I realized I didn’t care enough to do that, and that I wanted the boots now. I figured contrast stitching would darken over time anyway and it wasn’t a big deal to me.

custom deniro boots
Photo by Jamie Brogdon Photography

Once I got on a horse I realized that the pressure of my heels on the zippers from flexing my ankles was uncomfortable. I hopped on Amazon and found some super cheap ankles sleeves with a strip of gel padding exactly where the zipper would be. Equifit makes some too, but they are more expensive and the whole sleeve is gel lined. Since the ankle area of my boots is already really fitted, I wanted as little extra there as possible so I’d still be able to put my heels down.

This is what I found (yes I just turned them around so the gel padding is along the back of my ankle:

With the sleeves in place over my boot socks, I was able to comfortably break in my boots. They are so comfy that I actually still wear them. I’m not sure if I would even need to, but they are easy to put on and protect my heels from any potential rubs.


custom deniro boots
Photo by Jamie Brogdon Photography

I could not be happier with these boots. I adore the way they turned out, and honestly already want another pair (but my wallet firmly says no). Now I have the custom boot bug and would love to design another!!! I can  also definitely say that when I buy another pair I will be going back to Wyldewood. The process couldn’t have been easier.

custom deniro boots
Photo by Jamie Brogdon Photography


Questions about the custom boot ordering process? Happy to help! Anyone else have customs? Do you feel they are worth the money?




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  1. Super silly but would love to know your boot care routine! Just picked up some new boots and am terrified of ruining them. How often do you polish them? Do you polish the inside? What do you use for general care and maintenance..

  2. Kelly! I’m so glad that I found your review. Once I saw Wyldewood mentioned, I knew you were local to me. That was immensely helpful! I plan to head there tomorrow.

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