Our First Colic Scare

Rio is keeping all of us on our toes this week. The week before our first show in ages can’t go smoothly, of course that’d be too easy! I swear I’m not complaining though, I really am thankful.

I hacked Rio on Tuesday like I usually do. The horses at Bay Yard get Mondays off, so our Tuesday hack is usually pretty relaxed. We do lots of stretching and long trotting, and not too much canter. This Tuesday’s hack was no different, and I kept it to about 25 minutes. I brought Rio in for a shower, and we hung out in the outside wash rack for bit enjoying the cool breeze. I did my usual routine of putting conditioning spray onhis mane and tail, hunting for any areas where crud might be trying to develop and spraying them with Banixx, and putting DermaGel on his old spider bite wound (which has never closed fully) and his distal medial left hind (which he re-opened during his bid for freedom from his stall when he fell on the asphalt). I gave him the rest of the carrots I had brought, coated him with fly spray, and turned him out in his paddock with his donk friends for the night. As I was pulling out, my gaze found him one last time happily grazing in the large field, settled in for a good night.

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