Hunter Gone Eventer: Rio’s 1st XC School

Guys. GUYS. I did it!!! I took Rio cross country schooling today.  Neither of us died. #success. He’s officially a hunter gone eventer (at least for the day!). If you read my post about no pressure quality time, you will already know that I’ve been wanting to get off property lately and do something FUN with Rio. XC schooling was just the ticket!

hunter gone eventer hunky hanoverian
How does he manage to look so hunky even with food in his mouth?!

But in all seriousness, I had a freaking blast! An old friend of mine (we actually met back in my eventing days in high school, then we both ended up at the same college) messaged me Saturday afternoon to see if I wanted to join her and some friends to school cross country on Sunday. She knew that I’d been hankering to get out of the ring, and their horses are all very brave and experienced eventers. I jumped at the chance to go, even though it meant moving some plans around and begging someone to cover my hospital call for a few hours in the morning. The stars aligned though, because everything came together and I was able to arrange everything. I even found my old XC vest at the back of a spare closet (only took me several hours to find it hahha).

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