Floral Wreath How-To

You guys ask and I will deliver! Many of you saw my instagram story a few nights ago where I walked through the process of making a floral neck wreath. It was wayyyyy more popular then I could have guessed, and lots of you wanted a blog post on the process for future reference. Unfortunately, I didn’t take super detailed pics during the process, but I still have the story video so I think we can work with that.


Color Scheme

Decide on your color scheme. I planned on wearing 3 outfits for my photo shoot with Terri Cage, one of which was a plain cotton, mauve colored maxi dress. Although I love the dress, I knew it might be a little boring in pics, and decided that a floral wreath would give it the perfect amount of oomph and interest. Plus, spring photos are always funner with some flowers, and there aren’t any real ones currently growing at my barn.

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