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UPDATE!!!!! One of my readers tipped me off that Santa Cruz Biotechnology has a history of animal cruelty. I looked it up and sure enough, the USDA fined them $3.5 million in 2016, the LARGEST penalty ever given out for alleged violations of the US Animal Welfare Act. I will never again give them another cent of my money. Click here to read more about what happened. 


A couple years ago a noticed a new billboard at a warehouse approximately 8 minutes from my house. This billboard caught my eye because it had a palomino horse on it. I googled it, and discovered that Santa Cruz Animal Health sells equestrian products including their own line of health and grooming related products (Ultra Cruz). I did a bit of searching on the COTH forums and even discovered that their Vitamin E supplement has quite the following. The website seemed to indicate that the warehouse by my house is also a retail store open to the public,  but the hours are super limited. One thing led to another, and I just never checked it out,  and it eventually fell off my radar.

Well, my hubby and I were driving by on Friday after lunch and he pointed it out and  asked if I want to go check it out finally. I said, “Nah, I’ll just want to buy stuff”. When he shrugged and started to pull in. I obviously read this as a definite green light to participate in some retail therapy. Well, we tried 2 different entrances at one warehouse before we realized it was the building across the street. Both said Santa Cruz and since it’s a bit of a warehouse district it was hard to tell what was what. Once we got to the correct building their was a sign on the door telling us to push a button for assistance. Weird but ok…. we finally had someone let us into an office looking lobby and they asked why we were there. I asked if there was a Santa Cruz retail store? It was affirmed that there was, and they left to get us assistance.

Eventually help arrived and led us to the “store” which is also the warehouse. She was very nice and showed us around the massive space. It was actually pretty awesome! Although I didn’t NEED anything, I decided to try out their coat polish and liniment. I haven’t found a liniment I LOVE, and I was almost out of my pricey (but very dreamy) coat polish. She then gave me samples of several supplements including their famous Vitamin E and a large sample of their advanced joint supplement. I was really impressed by the prices- the 32 oz Show Polish Spray was only $12, as was the liniment.

Later that day I tried out the coat spray on Rio. It smells delish and really helped get the fine dust off.  Rio’s coat felt soft and silky. I was pleasantly surprised for the price point. I was even more surprised when I showed up Sunday and his coat was still silky soft and pretty clean. $12 for a 32 oz bottle to smells great and works?! I might have to save the $28 bottle of Carr &Day Dream Coat for shows going forward!

I also had Rio taste test the Vitamin E supplement (a pelleted formula made with alfalfa) and he LOVES it. Eats it out of my hand like a treat. He’s so dang picky about food that I tried to change his grain when I moved him home to my parents and now I’m having to change it back because he got finicky about eating it. He also spits out treats he doesn’t like, so a supplement he’ll eat like a treat is a win in my book!

Anyway- if you are ever in Dallas and want to get what seems like pretty good products for a good price, just know that the Santa Cruz warehouse is here! Kind weird to get into and shop, it is definitely worth the trip.

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  1. Holy cow that is a big WAREHOUSE. LOL DANGEROUS..hahahah

    glad you finally found it but dang it was like a quest to get in there right to spend money?? hahahha

    1. Definitely a quest!! I would probably go back if I needed a list of things simply because it is so close to my house (and Dover is about a 30 minutes drive) and it’s really inexpensive, but I wouldn’t nothing popping in for one item that’s for sure!

  2. Santa Cruz Animal Health is part of Santa Cruz Biotechnology, which has an awful reputation for lab animal abuse and neglect. You can Google for all the details you could want.
    I wouldn’t give them a cent.

    1. Oh my gosh that is HORRIBLE. I have no idea!! I will definitely look into this. So so sad. Thanks for letting me know.

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