Taking my big dog for a walk

I spent my MLK day at my parents’ place with Rio. It was gorgeous outside so we decided to go for a walk. The end of my parents’ street connects to an extensive network of trails. My mom rode my old retired gelding Pal (who is 32/33 yrs old), and our good family friend rode her TWH horse mare Nala, who she rescued from a kill pen. These are Rio’s 2 pasture mates so the whole herd got to go for a nice stroll.

He was very brave and well behaved the entire time. If he doesn’t make it back to the show ring after his rehab I don’t think he is going to be the tiniest bit sad! When we got back he practically dragged me to one of the water buckets. Apparently walking is super hard work and he was thirsty AF.

After grooming and walking I did the only other thing I’m good for lately and gave him tons of treats. After I finally told her NO MORE he was cracking me up by showing me his empty mouth.


Basically it was a pretty perfect day. Yes, I wish I had been walking ON him instead of next to him, but I still enjoy all the time we get to spend together. Hoping to get in some actual saddle time this weekend since it’s been over 2 weeks now and I’m scared of how sore I’m going to be when I DO ride!

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