Houdini Horse

Rio has has a bit of a history of getting out of his stall. He has been able to get out at various barns he’s lived at in the past. Most notably, he got out from my current barn (barn he ws at before I moved him to my parents’ to rehab) in the fall of 2018, which required stitches when he fell on the asphalt. Well, the other night my mom called me up and tells me to go watch the camera at 6:50 pm. I hesitantly ask why, and she laughs a little and says to just go watch it. Below is what I saw:

Link in case embedded video isn’t working: https://vimeo.com/389151074

Apparently the Houdini trend continues! So what do you think- was he intentionally trying to open his stall door or was he scratching his rear? Comment what you think!

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  1. Hahaha! I think he was just scratching – but it sure seems like it was a happy surprise to him that the door opened. What a funny guy.

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