Ode to Rio: A Valentine’s Day Poem

In honor of Valentine’s Day I decided to write a poem in tribute to my main 4 legged man. Beware, I am not a poet. Your ears (or eyes since you’re reading?) may bleed. Move forward at your own risk:

You are my one and only Rio,

Although I may not be a Leo.

I believe our love is destined in the stars,

And I happily chronicle it in these memoirs.

You are my tall, dark, and handsome,

and to keep you I’d pay a king’s ransom.

The longest legs I have ever seen,

I wanted you even though you were quite green.

One of my favorite parts are your big ears,

And I will always love you through all the years.

You always tolerate my ammy mistakes,

Owning you feels like I’ve won the sweepstakes.

Even though you ran off when I fell,

Seeing you always make my heart swell.

Carrots and peppermints are how I win your love,

But that’s ok because bribery I’m not above.

I’m so happy you are in my life,

Without you my marriage would be full of strife.

Thank you Rio for being so amazing,

And I’m sorry to all my readers for such poor phrasing!







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