Jump Lesson Update


Now that Rio is back in action we have been taking 2 jump lessons a week (making up for lost time and all!). It has been really nice because I don’t feel as much pressure to get a ton accomplished in every lesson, knowing we have another in just a few days. Rio has been improving every ride, always ending on a great note.

Rio7.30.17 from Kelly on Vimeo.


It is so exciting to be jumping real jumps again, and I think in a few more lessons we might be ready to do full courses again. That being said, Rio is hopefully getting his hocks injected this week, so he’ll need some time off for that before we starting hitting the jumps hard. Crazy to think it’s already August tomorrow! Only 4 more weeks until fall shows start.

Rio seems to be doing well in the new bit I’ve been trying. I like that he is more willing to take a feel, even if it means he gets a bit heavy at times. I actually much prefer that to dropping behind the bridle every time I touch the reins. He also seems to be be gaping less overall in this bit. I’ve been watching a lot of videos about bits and how they work which has really helped my understanding of the different types, and the effects of tongue versus bar pressure. The Bomber Bit videos and website is super informative (for all types of bits, not specific to bomber brand bits only). Check out this video for an intro to various bits and their actions.

Pics from our lesson:



On another note, my hubby and I had dinner at my parent’s house last night. My retired horse, Pal, still lives with them, and I decided to hop on last night for a quick walk through the neighborhood. My mom still trail rides him about once a month. He is 29 years old, and has been with our family since 1995. Check out this older post to see Pal back in his glory days!


Mr Pal looks pretty dang good for a 29 yr old horse with Cushings. He still enjoys a good canter every now and then as well!


Do any of you still get to see old horses you used to own? Who else is counting down the weeks until fall shows?

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  1. You sure he doesn’t want to be an event horse? 😛 He’s just so leggy and naturally uphill. I always thought that about his sire, too, every time I saw him ridden.

    1. He might want to be- some day! I always joke that he’d get 10’s on his free walk, as it’s his favorite gait haha. Jealous you got to see his sire go- I’ve never seen him in person and haven’t had a ton of luck googling him 🙁

  2. omg Pal is adorable! and so exciting to be back in the action with Rio. agreed completely on preferring to get a little more of a feel vs having a horse get behind the bridle (personally one of my least favorite feelings)

  3. Pal is so cute!! I love seeing seniors so well cared and loved for through their golden years, especially when they are still a little spunky!

    1. Thank you! I am also so thankful that we have been able to give him the retirement he deserves- he gave me everything he had for many years, makes my heart happy that he is living out his days where he belongs 😊

    2. Jessica- do you blog? Will you post a link to yours? I can’t figure out how to get to it, thanks! 🙂

  4. Aww, Pal. What a good guy. Horses from my past are fewer and far between these days. The main character – Stan – is now mine! So I see him all the time haha.

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