Floundering Over Fences

I have some more video for y’all- same lesson as I shared videos from earlier this week (last Saturday), but different clip (didn’t want to overwhelm everyone on the initial post). This one is a goodie- because it includes a giant fail as well as the triumphant re-do.


Keep your eyes peeled and enjoy!


KW Jump Lesson First Pass 041418 from Kelly on Vimeo.

So what exactly happened?


Unclear. It was our first time jumping that particular fence this lesson, and Rio and I had a major miscommunication. I was still thinking about the the add mentally, but I think my body may have inadvertently cued him for the long spot (which is what he is used to doing with me). Our wires definitely got crossed, but thankfully he was 100% ok and was fine the rest of the ride and the next day he didn’t seem sore in the slightest. Whew!

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  1. I did the same thing with Jamp at a horse show once… No actually, I’ve done that twice. Everyone survived though! Good ponies we have for coming back like it never happened!

  2. It was a funky looking jump (Or least did seem to me). Bless Rio’s heart he just kept on going though. LOL…I may have watched it two or three times. LOL…

    I love his canter. Could watch him just go along for days. AND OMG the resolution on that video felt like i was right there with you watching outside the ring….

  3. Not sure what’s up with my computer but it kept skipping over the funky jump, oh well. Whatever happened, good jump not being phased and continuing on afterwards like NBD.

  4. It definitely seemed like he heard both go and do not go. Glad you guys were able to smooth it out the second go around. Always better to make mistakes and fix them than to never make mistakes. No one learns. And making mistakes in lessons is probably the best place. A safe environment and an outside POV to help you fix it.

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