Food for the soul: Peanut gallery edition

What should you do when you have 2 days of PTO for a horse show that you actually ended up not entering? You obvi go any, because horse shows are soul food. Then again, if you aren’t competing because your horse got bitten by an agent of the devil and then the ensuing vet bills basically ate through your show budget for the next several months faster then my hubby runs from a cockroach- the soul food is tinged with a tiny bit of mold. Like- it’s still delish and everything you want, just with a tiny side of sadness & remorse.


Coco's ice cream Waco texas
L and M showing off their haul from Coco’s

I had a blast in Waco this weekend cheering on my trainer and spending time with the barn family. It made me even more excited for the day that Rio has his A show debut (stay tuned this fall). Waco shows are especially close to my heart because I spent an amazing 5 years in Waco as a Baylor student (yay super senior year 5 😂). I get all the nostalgia feels driving around town and visiting old stomping grounds.


The largest most delish banana split ever


Trainer brought several horses, as well as showing a couple of the imports she has previously sold. Ado had his show debut in the US and he rocked it- winning reserve in the 2’3 and champion in the 2’6. Go Ado!


Czech warmblood import
Gimmy and Trainer schooling Friday evening

Gimmy (who sold earlier this year and is loving being the best adult ammy horse ever) also put in some lovely rounds in the 3ft hunters.

Czech warmblood import
Cascai making 1.20 look like child’s play


The Amazing Cascai had an awesome go of it this week for his debut in the 1.20- topping the field for a blue ribbon on Thursday, getting 7th in the 1.20 classic Saturday against a competitive field, and overall reserve champ for the 1.20 division. He jumped incredible,  and is going to be hard to beat once he gets a few more show miles under his belt.  Go Cascai!

Czech import warmblood show jumper


Tomorrow is the big move to the new facility, so I should have plenty of media for posts this week. Rio’s leg looks incredible- it’s actually scabbing over finally! I’m hoping to get the ok from the vet to start lightly riding him again this week!!

6.25.17 progress pic

Thanks again for all the good jingles and juju!!!

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  1. As fun as horse shows are… when you know you should be there competing it definitely leaves you with a wistful feeling. Rios leg looks fantastic though!

    1. I love it! The arenas are all covered, and the 2 main ones have AC. They have a million portacoolers everywhere so you can show in the middle of the summer and not die. Plus, it poured on Saturday so it was nice and cool all day (and not rained out!). I get that the warm-ups are small, but I’ve never had a horse that requires tons of warm-up so it actually doesn’t bother me. I also don’t jump bigger then 3 ft so the footing is fine for my needs.

  2. i definitely love horse showing as a competitor – but there’s something to be said for going as a spectator / friend / provider of moral support / extra horse holder extraordinaire lol. glad it was a great time!

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