Weekend Lesson Update

For all of you currently living in the arctic, I am so sorry. Please feel free to ignore this post, because I’m about to talk about the amazing weather we’ve been having in Texas.

But seriously, it could not have been more beautiful this weekend. Lovely sunshine all day, both days.  High of 55 ish. I wanted to stay at the barn all weekend. It was heavenly. Again, if you are surrounded by snow I am so sorry to be rubbing it in, but possibly consider moving to Texas.

On Thursday evening I had an AWESOME jump lesson. Rio and I totally felt in sync the whole ride, and super confident even though we were doing some different lines. We haven’t schooled a bending line in quite awhile, and I wasn’t sure how well it would go. Rio was super game though and did it enthusiastically, and I couldn’t have been more proud.


1.24.19 lesson from Kelly on Vimeo.


With the perfect weather on Saturday I was really looking forward to a repeat amazing lesson. It started out ok, but I didn’t feel like we were really clicking. Rio kind of wanted to do what Rio wanted, and I just passively went a long with it for a bit. Eventually I got my head in the game and started to actively ride and make decisions, and it all came together for a really great end to our lesson.

Then Rio got a bath and the longest hand graze ever since the weather was so incredible. We also had super fun and laid back hack on Sunday, soaking in lots of Vitamin D. My new fancy camera lens arrives today so fingers crossed I get some new jumping shots soon. I’ve been taking a lot of call at my hospital to pay for fun things like a lens, and to saving up a spring horse show budget. I don’t have any shows on the calendar currently, but I hope to get that sorted out soonish.

Did anyone else enjoy nice weather this weekend?

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