Jump Lesson Update

First off…. HAPPY HALLOWEEN Y’ALL!!! Hopefully everyone is giving their sweet ponies lots of treats today!




Now, as promised is the lesson recap from Sunday’s jump lesson. We had another first since the surgery- jumping a full course!! Essentially it was was a a single on the diagnol, another single with a rollback to a single, an outside 5 stride line to a single oxer. It was SO FUN.

At first Rio acted like he didn’t remember how to do a lead change, but after a heavy cue one time he did them the rest of the ride without me even thinking about it. They were not at all perfect, but it was relief to know that he remembers them and they still come easily.


Rio loves oxers



The lesson went fantastic though. Rio listened really well, and even took the gap smoothly when I asked him too. He didn’t hesitate at a single jump. Being able to do a full course again, even with flaws, has me so excited about our upcoming show in December. We have 5 weeks to improve both of our fitness levels and smooth everything out. Definitely feels feasible! Of course we are buckling down until then, with 2 lessons and 1 training ride a week. I am trying to make sure he gets ridden 6 days a week right now (light hacks on non-lesson days, but still working on fitness). I want to make sure he is set up for success at the show.


Sorry for the crap quality- these are stills for people who don’t like the watch the videos!



And here is the video!

Rio10.29.17 from Kelly on Vimeo.

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  1. it must feel so nice to pick off more or less where you left off! and even more exciting that you can squeeze out a show before the season ends too!!

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