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Anyone who has read my blog for awhile, and has an eye for Kastel, will have noticed that in 95% of my riding photos I am wearing a Kastel shirt. Besides a few pieces of Asmar and Kingsland, my entire riding wardrobe is comprised of Kastel Denmark attire. So.. why is that? Am I a Kastel brand-whore?


Yup. Everyone of these shirts is Kastel Denmark #ilovekastel


I just REALLY like their products. I have been considering doing a ‘product review’ on the Kastel Charlotte sunshirts for awhile, but decided against it since it’s not exactly a new product, or even a lesser known one. I am pretty sure almost everyone in the equestrian world has heard about Kastel by now. Regardless, I did want to do a quick post highlighting the brand, as they are my all time favorite riding clothes brand.

The reasons I love Kastel are simple; the clothes are an incredible value, super stylish, and fit me perfectly. I am not exaggerating. The shirts are incredibly lightweight and silky feeling. I can wear them in the 100 degree Texas heat and be comfortable, or as comfortable as one can be in 100 degree heat. The UV protection is a huge thing for me- I hate having to slather on sunscreen just to go sweat it off while I’m riding. I live in Kastel sunshirts. They are 100% my go-to item of clothing for any equine activity. Even if I am just going to watch a show I will throw one on. They look great and are functional. I mean, what more can you ask for in a shirt?


You can never have enough Kastel attire



I love them so much that I have amassed quite the collection, and am always wanting more. They are like pringles, once you buy one you just cant stop! If you think Kastel is too pricey, be sure to check out their amazing sale section! You can score some killer deals. I even got a pair of their yoga pants (for $20) and I love them! So friggin comfy, and I don’t even do yoga.

Wondering what size to get? I wear both Small and Medium in Kastel. Sometimes I want a snugger fit, sometimes I like it a bit looser, so I buy both and wear them interchangeably. In the puffy jackets (I have a black and a white one) I wear a medium, and a medium in the mid-weight jacket. I also ordered a medium in the yoga pants, which was a good call, as I think a Small would have been really snug. For reference, I wear a street size 4/6, and 28 in breeches such as Tailored Sportsman trophy hunters. I’m 33-27.5-34 bust, hip, waist (I measured just for you guys).

In other news- have you guys heard that Kastel is coming out with a breeches line in the new year? IAMSOEXCITED. I am seriously hoping they fit me as well as the rest of their products, and they can become my new go-to breeches. I obsessively stalk their insta feed in hopes of seeing more sneak peeks.


#rootd shades of blue. Find our new Fall Signature Collection available online and in your local shop!

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So who else is obsessed with all things Kastel? Who is looking forward to getting their hands on some of the breeches?

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  1. I used to be more obsessed with the Kastel sunshirst and still wear them frequently in the summer but I actually really fell in love with the Ariat sun shirts that are just several layers of mesh. The main reason being that they stick to me less in humidity and I can push up the sleeves. I know pushing up the sleeves kind of defeats the purpose but I do it for things like pony baths and such and not for when I’m riding.
    I do have a Kastel show shirt which I love and I’m so excited for the breeches. I hope they will come in long!
    PS I responded to your comment about the saddle, let me know if you want more info.

    1. Thankfully, I love in a low humidity area so I don’t have to struggle with that! I actually haven’t tried the ariat mesh sunshirts, are the sleeves really long? That is one of the things I love about Kastel, is that they are plenty long in the body and the sleeves for me (a really tall person LOL).

      Will go check out your response now!

  2. I want to love Kastel, but they just aren’t cut right for my body. The TS ice fils fit me much better. I’m excited for their breeches though! My bottom half doesn’t match the top half of my body so if their cut stays consistent for breeches, I should be golden!

    1. I totally get that! I definitely feel that each brand is it’s own “fit”, thankfully there are plenty to choose from. Fingers crossed for the breeches for sure!!!

    1. Couldn’t agree more!! I saw a hunter green merino wool shirt on sale for $30… which is basically free so I should definitely buy it right?!? 😂

      1. I ordered the merino one from RW and just have to warn you, I think it ran way smaller than their normal shirts! I can wear a large or an XL in their regular sunshirts, I ordered an XL in the wool and it looked like a small. Just FYI! Luckily RW has the best customer service, so no harm, no foul. The color was gorgeous though!

  3. I love my Kastel shirts! I had a bunch, plus some short sleeve ones. Here in Florida, with like 100% humidity, it’s totally necessary to wear shirts like these. If I don’t, the heat just gets to me.

  4. I cannot WAIT to see what the breeches are like! That is so exciting. I love their shirts, they’re so much softer than the Ariat sun shirts. We don’t have their fall shirts in our store, yet, otherwise I’d already have one. But, I’m making up for it and buying a Kastel ball cap tomorrow…. LOL

  5. I really like the quality of their stuff, but their sun shirts make me way too hot. I don’t know how you guys wear them in real heat! They’re more like a regular long sleeved shirt for me. Their puffy coat is my fave though.

  6. Dang, girl! What a beautiful rainbow of shirts. I LOVE the sunshirt of theirs that I have, but oi vey, the sizing is SO off. I have been hesitant to get another as a result. The closest tack shop to where I live is 3 hours away, so “trying them on” isn’t an easy task. One day!

    1. I find that the Charlotte shirts all run pretty consistent size wise, and the merino wool ones you should size up. I’d also size up in the outerwear personally!

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