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Well guys, not to jinx myself, but I think we are about 1 week away from not needing to wrap the left hind anymore!!! In fact, I would have stopped wrapping it by now if it wasn’t in an area that is at such a high risk of being hit (by his right hind hoof). I want the skin to be firmly healed over before I stop wrapping it, at which point he will be turned out and ridden in a ThinLine bell boot for added protection, for probably the rest of his life. Anyway- check out the amazing progress he has made!




Rio continues to excel in our rides as well! Tomorrow I’ll post pics and video from our jump lesson- jumping an ACTUAL course!!! Until then, here are a few pics of MM and I from our hack on Saturday.


It’s hard to get a pic of these two because the bromance is so strong #RioScotti4eva
Say CHEESE!!! Breeches by Tailored Sportsman in rust, shirt by Harcour from Quail Hollow Tack



Hope everyone had a great, horsey filled weekend!

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  1. that’s great progress in the healing! fingers crossed everything continues according to plan! i’m kinda nervous about booting for turnout too, tho it’s not really a service my barn offers. so then i kinda have to choose between leaving the horse in boots (like, splint boots) for up to days at a time without anybody checking for rubs…. or letting him go bare legged but risk aggravating the site again. tho hopefully with the bone partially removed that’s less of an issue now? idk. paranoia. i has it.

    1. Thanks Emma! I would not be able to do boots on for several days without being checked, I’d definitely worry way too much! I think since the broken piece of Charlie’s splint was removed you should be fine. I currently don’t boot Rio’s broken splint leg (the RH) and he seems to be doing just fine on it!

    1. Thank you!! Hit me up if you’re ever in Dallas and I can give you the Kingsland lady’s contact info- whole outfit by Kingsland at a fraction of retail!

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