Creepers be Creepin

Rio loves me. I mean, why shouldn’t he? He has spent almost half his time in my care on some version of stall rest, so he barely ever has to work hard,  he regularly gets groomed to the nines, and stuffed with carrots and cookies on the reg. Like, dream life for a horse basically (minus lack of turnout). I have added a new regimen to his pampering routine- massages. That’s right. These seem to have only increased his love for me. Unfortunately,  (or fortunately?) his love may be borderline obsessive/stalker/creeper. But, I’ll circle back to this problem (or wonderful situation?).


This nose is the cutest nose. Just look at it.


About 6 months ago my hubby bought this hand held massager on Amazon. I tend to have a lot of back pain from my day job, and he also doesn’t have the best back ever. We LOVE it. We used it a TON in the first few months and wow, it really helped. I barely have any muscle tension/pain anymore, and we haven’t really used it in a couple months. I had the brilliant idea to bring it to the barn and use it on Rio. Rio has really taken to it, and seems to enjoy his massage time. Evidence in the vids below!


He always rock back and forth when I get to this one spot on his butt. It’s hilarious.

Rio8.23.17 from Kelly on Vimeo.


He even seems amused when I do his face LOL


Rio8.23.17 from Kelly on Vimeo.


Along with Rio’s intense love of me comes his uber intense possessiveness. He’s like that boyfriend you had freshman year of college that what way too obsessed with you and constantly needed to know where you were, who you were with, and what you were talking about. He revels in my attention and can’t figure out why I would even look at another horse.


MM and I decided to try the massager on Scotti, who is stalled next to Rio. Here is my case in point of Rio’s creeper behavior:



Don’t see it yet? Look closer.




When I ignored him and continued giving my attention to Scotti,  Rio tried a new angle (literally 😂).




Look closely…


Yup, he has now progressed to showing his teeth too.


My horse is a creeper. I’m cool with it. I actually like it. I’m one of those girls that kind of relishes in the obsessive “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH” relationships. My hubby, bless his soul, does not often indulge me in this kind of behavior. My chihuahuas show me love, but, they also love my husband. I may finally be getting the creeper/stalker attention that is my  secret love language from Rio.



So, is your horse a creeper/stalker? Do you secretly like it?



For now, Rio is going to have to share me with Clark. I have some GREAT pics and vids of me jumping schooling him last night, but I will save those for my post tomorrow. #getexcited


**As usual, photo/vid creds go to MM. THANK YOUUUUUU**

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