Rinse & Repeat: Lesson Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any video. When we moved to the new barn at the beginning of March we had to take a few steps back to focus on a few weak spots in our training. I didn’t put much effort into getting video, because it just plain wasn’t very exciting. Now that we are getting going a bit more, I’m excited to share some video.


One of my wonderful barn mates has a SoloShot3, and he offered to use it to video me in our lesson on Saturday. I have been considering buying a SS3 for awhile, so it was awesome to get to see how well it works, and equally awesome to get video of our lesson.


So what did we work on?



I’m basically a broken record, but just to recap, we are working on shortening Rio’s stride (while still maintaining a quality canter), but at the same time insisting on him carrying himself and not holding his hand (aka contact with the bit) the whole time. Rio tries to convince me that he can’t possibly carry himself and that I should hold him up. As we jump around a course his stride tends to get longer and longer and less and less adjustable.



With lack of an adjustable stride comes the inability to do a soft add. We are on the struggle bus when it comes to being able to gracefully fit in deeper distances, because it is super hard for Rio and we both would MUCH rather take the long spot. Unfortunately, always taking the long spot doesn’t build up the correct muscles, which are necessary to increase the quality of his jump.



Good news is that our rides continue to improve! It may be a lot of rinsing and repeating when it comes to lessons (and then blog posts #sorrynotsorry), but I NEED that repetition to get it through my very thick skull. When you watch the videos you may see some deeper spots that translate to not the prettiest jump, but that is what we WANT. Every time I am able to add the extra step (often against my first instinct) I get lots of praise from the trainers. It feels so foreign, but it is slowly getting easier, and now I am starting to appreciate how handy it will come in during shows. I won’t always HAVE to take the long spot, and I will hopefully be able to make close-ish distance still look passable.


 Also of note- you will notice we are not doing any flying change right now. I’m basically on a flying change ban until Rio is ready to do them without rushing. Blech!

KW Jump Lesson 2 041418 from Kelly on Vimeo.


If you are a glutton for punishment and like watching boring flatwork, here is a long flat video!

KW flatwork 1 BYF 041418 from Kelly on Vimeo.

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    1. I loved it! I didn’t do any of the set up or video editing though my barn friend who owns it did it. He said its pretty easy though, and that the editing software is easy to use!

  1. The parentals are getting me a soloshot for my b-day! I’m so excited! Looks like it works great!
    You two are looking good! I’m the opposite. I LOVE the close spot. LOVE it. I have to learn to trust the gap a little more.

    1. Total opposite! I think it definitely depends on the horse- I’ve had a few near crashes with super close spots where as my Rio can basically always make the long spot work haha.

      So jelly!! You will LOVE IT. I totally wish I had the money for one, maybe I’ll start saving my pennies lol. Can’t wait to see your vids!

  2. he looks fab. Like really great (you dont look shabby either LOL)! I honestly think this move to the new barn has been wonderful for him. He just looks so shiny and well rounded and just hunky!! 🙂 Keep up the good work!!

    1. Thank you Thank you Thank you! It was hard for me mentally to slow down and take a few steps back, but j think I’m staring the see the pay off. Plus Rio is super happy and getting nice and muscley!

    1. Thank you! LOL at the trees comment! Yes, some areas are quite lush and beautiful… until the 10p degree says hit and all the grass turns brown. It always comes back though! Fingers crossed for a mild summer!!

  3. Y’all are looking great! How freaking sweet that your barnmate offered up the Soloshot for you to use AND edited it?!

    1. He is the ABSOLUTE nicest! Doesn’t hurt that his gelding is totally hunky too and is BFF’s with Rio!

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