Product Review: Grand Prix TechLite Revisited

If you’re a long time reader of my blog, you may remember my post from earlier this year about my new Grand Prix show coat. If you haven’t read it, you may want to glance over it real quick before reading this post.


You can kind of tell it’s green when outside in bright sunlight


In summary- I ordered a Grand Prix TechLite Classic Sport from Dover in January. It arrived in March, and from the get-go I wasn’t too sure about it. My post from when it arrivied is all about how indecisive I was was, and how I wasn’t sure if I really liked it.

Since I wrote that post, I have worn the coat in 2 shows. It sufficed, but at no point was I excited about it. It isn’t even a very pretty color green.

In late spring, I decided to splurge and get an AA MotionLite. I didn’t need a new coat, but I tried it on at a show and instantly loved it, which is how I WANTED to feel about my GP, but never did.


Me in my my AA MotionLite


Since Rio spent most of the fall on medical leave, I didn’t really worry too much about my coat situation. But, now that I am gearing up for the Waco show in December, I couldn’t help but consider my Grand Prix again. I put it on at my house one evening when MM was over a few weeks ago, and I made her look at it. She agreed it just wasn’t great and looked a bit awkward on me. More importantly, I didn’t FEEL good in it. I felt like a kid wearing her first hunt coat, a borrowed and ill-fitting one. I decided then and there that I was returning it.


In the Grand Prix. I know you probably think it looks fine, but I hated it.


I will give Dover some credit though- they do have an AWESOME return policy. I have never actually tested it myself before this point though. I was so “on the fence” about the coat that I actually saved the receipt and the tags (yes, I saved them for 8 months). So, a couple weeks ago, I timidly entered my local Dover store. I explained that I never fell in love with the coat, and how I didn’t think it was right for me, but that I had worn it a few times. They were super chill about it, scanned the old tags, looked over the receipt and asked which credit card I wanted it on. THAT EASY. I was really happy they were giving me a refund, especially since I had partially paid for the coat with gift cards. I asked them what other coats they had in long, or could order in long, as they said “none”. SMH!!!! I poked around the store and grabbed a few things I needed but the coat selection was truly abysmal. Basically NO selection.


A few days later I popped into Quail Hollow Tack, which is just down the road from my barn and asked what coats they had. I wasn’t actually expecting to find anything, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to try some on. They have an EXCELLENT selection- tons of coats in all different sizes, and not just one in each size- several! Including longs/talls!!! I instantly fell in love with an RJ Classics coat (the Xtreme lightweight 3 button) in a gorgeous hunter green, in a size 2T! Sleeves are still a bit short but it looks like there is a good inch that can be let out, whereas my Grand Prix has basically no extra length to let out (maybe a cm). Best part is- it was only $230 versus the $430 I had spent on the Grand Prix. The coat is actually on sale at SmartPak, but limited sizes/colors are available, or check out Quail Hollow for all the sizes and colors.


stock photo of the RJ coat. The green is actually REALLY pretty and vibrant in person.


The coat fits my well, is super comfortable, and has a nice amount of stretch. The only alterations would be to let the sleeves out and we will be good to go. Maybe once I’ve worn it a few times I’ll give it a formal review, as I really do think it’s a terrific coat at a surprisingly affordable price point.


Overall though, I would NOT recommend the Grand Prix Techlite Classic Coat. The Long size is cut really awkwardly IMO, there is little to no stretch, the shoulders on mine stuck out in an unflattering way, and the green color is muted and kind of murky looking. I also felt like the fit wasn’t very tailored, with loose sleeves and it didn’t give me a “sleek” look. Definitely would recommend other brands over this particular coat any day!



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  1. Hope you got the AA MotionLite through RW, during one of their 20% sales? I may or may not have encouraged a friend to get her AA coat that way 😉

    1. DARN IT! I prude myself on being a deal hunter but unfortunately I paid full price for this one- what can I say, it was an impulse buy!

  2. I can kind of see in one of the pictures of you on Rio in the GP coat that the sleeves are definitely too short. Good call on returning that. The AA Motion Lite looks lovely!

    I have always been impressed with Quail Hollow’s selection and I miss visiting their tack trailer at A shows!

    1. Yess agreed a out the GP, it just didn’t work at all.

      I feel lucky to have Quail Hollow 2 mins from my barn- they have a huge in store direction as well as being more then happy yo order anything you may want. I snagged some discountined TS trophy hunters the other day for $150!!

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