Cavali Club Summer Box Review

Every time I think that Cavali Club has put out their best box ever, they do it again with the newest edition! This isn’t really a review so much as a gushing word vomit on how much I love Cavali Club. I get SO EXCITED every time Carly (the brains behind the operation!) puts together a new curation of the box. She works closely with other inspiring small businesses to get subscribers a box full of amazing goodies every season, and she does it an unbelievable value. Ok, let’s get to it- so what is inside the Summer Box?


Cavali Club Summer Box


A tshirt from TKEQ with the phrase “strong is the new pretty” on it. I got a white one, which I love due to the versatility. You get to put in your shirt size when you subscribe, and the medium fits me great. ($33.50)

Best Brush Forward

I had to read the pamphlet to figure out what this one is, but it is essentially a bath bomb to clean your brushes! A pretty cool idea, I tried it out over the weekend and was impressed with the results. Mostly I liked that it required essentially zero effort on my part. Some warm water in a bucket, all you do is drop the bomb and your brushes in and leave for 20-60 minutes. After soaking, you rinse off with clean water and presto! I left my brushes out to dry and they were in terrific condition once dried. Definitely superrrrrrr easy! Watch the video (at the bottom of the post) if you want to see the bomb in action. ($1.63 value, $6.50 for a sample pack of 4)

Cavali Club Summer Box

Foot Huggies

Who doesn’t love more boot socks? I have a pair of foot huggies already that say “hunter” down the side. I really like them, but they have a bit more substance than most boot sucks and they actually make my brown boots a bit snug on me. Great news- my show boots are looser and they are the perfect match for those. The foot huggies socks in this box are the Ultra Thin version- are they really are! I worse them quite comfortably with my brown boots, and look forward to many more rides in them. ($21.95)

Cavali Club Summer Box

Sport Horse Essentials

My first product from this company, I was really excited to receive it in my box. I mean, who doesn’t always need more fly spray? I haven’t popped it open yet, but I am definitely excited to try it. One of the reasons I like subscription boxes is the ability to try out new brands at a discount. A sprayer was also included, just not pictured. ($14.00)

Cavali Club Summer BoxKicking On, a novel

A HORSE BOOK! I love books. I especially love horse books. What person crazy enough to sign up for a horsey subscription box wouldn’t love a horse book? A great edition to the box, I seriously can’t wait to read this fictional story by Laurie Berglie.  I am currently in the middle of something else, but I look forward to reading this next. Check it out on amazon for the book summary! ($9.99)

Cavali Club Summer Box

The Heated Horse

A company I am already a little familiar with (I have one of their saddle pads and long sleeve shirts) I am intrigued by this addition to the box, an instant cooling towel. The instructions say to get it wet and wave in the air for a few seconds, which will make it feel cool to the touch. It was pretty dang hot on Saturday, so I wetted it down and was instantly besotted by the feel of the material. It’s hard to describe… kind of foam-like? It’s really squishy and nice feeling! Wanting it SUPER cold, I threw it back in the bag (now wet) and tossed it into the barn fridge. HELLO, HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS! It felt amazinggggg to my super flushed face and neck. Once it wasn’t fridge cold, I twirled it some to test out the cooling effect. Cooler then my face for sure, it would be better then nothing, but now I am hooked on the fridge method. I will definitely be utilizing this towel during the summer season. I think I need to get one for my dad and my hubby, as I imagine they would appreciate it during the heat of summer yard work. ($20.00)

Cavali Club Summer Box

Unadorned Equine Apothecary

A new company to me, I was happy to see this product in the my box. Braid Aid utilizes aloe vera to help tame flyaway and frizzies while combating flaking. I recently braided Rio for a photoshoot and realized that I am out of Quick Braid. I am looking forward to trying out this product to see how it compares. (11.99)


The above 7 products are included in every Summer Box. Cost of the box is $55, and the items typically retail for a total of $113.13!!!

Cavali Club Summer Box

Atlier CG

One of my favorite parts about Cavali Club as a subscription box service is the ability to select add-on items if you so choose. This GORGEOUS bracelet typically retails for $120, but you could add it to you box for $40, AND select the color you wanted. The inscription reads “don’t let them tame you” and I think I’m obsessed with it. This would also make a gorgeous and thoughtful gift, you can tell what nice quality it is. I never want to take it off. Something that would normally be out of my budget, I definitely love a good #treatyoself moment!


Typically retailing $30-40, you could select what color unbelt you wanted and add it on for $12. I know a deal when I see one so I immediately added a burgundy one to my box, which is my barn color. Zero regrets.


Overall, I am just thrilled with the curation of the Cavali Club summer box. Some new brands, and some familiar but new products- I will use every item in this box. If that’s not a successful box, I don’t know what is! Curious about past boxes? Check out my other reviews to peak inside the Spring Box and the Fall Box!


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  1. the bath bombs look AMAZING! wish they were available in europe. this whole box looks so fun, like the kinda things you would love as a gift but might not pick out for yourself all at once. what a treat!

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