Product Review: Alessandro Albanese MotionLite Show Coat

I live in Texas. It is hotter then Hades here for basically 3 months of the year. It is barely tolerable for about 3-4 more months, and then there are 2ish perfect horse show weather months. Whoever came up with the concept for the Alessandro Albanese MotionLite Show Coat MUST be from Texas, or at least heard our cries of desperation for a coat that doesn’t roast us like a Thanksgiving turkey in the Texas heat. Earlier this spring I bought a new show coat for the 2ish perfect months of weather, but what about the rest of the year?

Solution: The AA MotionLite. Really. Buy one. Now.


Description from the AA website reads:

“AA Platinum presents the award winning AA Platinum MotionLite competition jacket. Its unrivaled levels of breathability and stretch, makes this jacket is an absolute must for the warmer days of the season. Features include; second skin fit with no lining, internal key or pass pocket, a hidden secure zip fastening, interchangeable buttons for multi-discipline – including equitation.”

I was skeptical when I heard about them. Real skeptical. A mesh show coat with no liner at all?? How is it not see through? Mesh? It must look so tacky. And they don’t come in long sizes, so there is no way one would fit me. I was wrong on so many levels.

So the material is a super lightweight mesh, 78% Nylon 22% Spandex. It’s also obvi machine washable. But it’s magical mesh, because you can’t see through it, even when you put it over a white show shirt. No liner whatsoever. It also comes with a removable AA pin (I took that off immediately, because hunterland) and a 2nd set of buttons that are “less blingy”. I actually like the buttons that come on it though, and don’t think they are too much for the hunters.

Like I said, I wasn’t sold until I tried one on from Luxe Eq at a show. I saw a few hanging up and my eyes lit up and I eagerly hunted for my size. I really wasn’t even in the market for a coat, but I had heard so much about them that I couldn’t wait to get my paws on one. I slipped it on, and immediately thought, “SHIT!” because I knew I had to purchase it. Then I started mentally calculating how I could hide the purchase from my husband.

Oh Hiiii hunny! What?! No, no this is old. I’ve had this forever. No those aren’t tags…



The fabric is quite stretchy, so fit is pretty forgiving I’d say. For comparision, I bought a small in this coat. I wear a 32/34 show shirt, size small in Essex Talent Yarn shirts, small or medium in Kastel, usually a small or XS in Noel Asmar because some of their stuff runs big, and a 10 or 12 in Grand Prix. I recently got a 12 but it needs to be taken in a bit. I wear a street size 4 and a 28L in breeches. A small fits me very comfortably. It is a hair short for a show coat, but I don’t mind, and I especially won’t care when it’s 90 plus degrees. The sleeves are actually a decent length. I am 5’11, so I’m shocked the sleeves aren’t super short.

I’m wearing a white belt, so that’s my belt you see peaking out, not my shirt. #imdumb


Like I mentioned, the fabric is a soft mesh. It is superrrr comfy. When you put it on, you kind of don’t want to take it off. It is certainly way cooler then my Grand Prix techlite. I would imagine that as long as you don’t leave it in a crumpled ball it won’t get too wrinkly. I haven’t washed it yet, but when I do I plan on using a gentle cycle and line dry.




At a $250 price point, I think these are a terrific value. Once they become even more popular I am sure there will be some sales, which might lead me to buy a 2nd color! Seriously, this is a great coat, and I am so excited to have one!



Personally, I do not have any. But, I suspect that this coat may not hide a lot of “flaws” due to how lightweight the fabric is. It IS stretchy, so theoretically I could wear an XS, but it wouldn’t be cute on me. So, a downside might be someone picking a size that is one-too-small and the coat showing any lumps and bumps. The way you can see the outline of the tag on my back in the above pic also leads me to believe it’s not super forgiving.


Overall, I think they are worthy of all the hype! I expect to see lots of people with them in the Texas heat. Anyone have any questions I can answer? I’d love to help out!




Now that I have had numerous opportunities to compete in this coat, I thought I would revisit this review. It is currently face-melting-hot in Texas, and it looks like we will have an extra hot and long summer in front of us.

Alessandro Albanese MotionLite Show coat
Photo by Terri Cage


I still LOVE this coat. It really is the coolest show coat I’ve ever had. It also fits super well, minus probably being a hair short on me lengthwise, but I am 5’11, and that’s really just a style preference. When I’m in the saddle it looks like every other coat in my honest opinion. It’s super freaking stretchy, which I also adore.


Alessandro Albanese MotionLite Show coat
Chelsea Short Photography


The coat also washes super well, with no ironing required. I’ve washed ti a few times now, in cold water on a delicate cycle just to be safe, and hang to air dry. Looks brand spanking new every time and comes out smelling great!


Alessandro Albanese MotionLite Show coat

Alessandro Albanese MotionLite Show coat


Anyway, for $250 a pop (plus I’ve started seeing them on sale occasionally!) this is a GREAT coat if you every show when it’s hot. Seriously, a must have for summer showing.

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  1. The coat is lovely! I bet it would be great for the heat here in SC. Thankfully it appears as though the shows at my level all waive coats, but I’m going to put this on my wish list for when I advance enough to need one.

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