2019 Equestrian Holiday Gift Guide


It’s that time of the year again! I’m one of those people that loves to get holiday shopping done with nice and early, so I am excited to get this gift guide out for fellow early bird shoppers. Additionally, there is no need to wait until Black Friday sales because this guide is full of exclusive promo codes to help you save money now. Let’s face it, holiday shopping can be overwhelming.  I’ve tried to make it a little easier by putting together this list of the small businesses that any equestrian enthusiast would be delighted to receive a gift from. Whether you are shopping for your trainer, best barn friend, or sharing this link with non-horsey family looking for gift ideas, there is something for everyone from these wonderful equestrian entrepreneurs!


Herd of Zebras

Looking equestrian lifestyle clothes that are so comfy you’ll never want to take them off? Look no further then Herd of Zebras. HofZ stands out from other equestrian specific attire companies by offering everything from riding sun shirts to cozy lounge wear. All of those clothes are SO SOFT and so wearable that you will never want to take them off. A perfect gift for the equestrian that has a closet full of show clothes but has been wearing the same t-shirt for 5 years! Great for all ages- HofZ even offers youth and toddler sizes. Check out my review of HofZ here. Be sure to use code “Hunky10” to save 10% off your order!

Legitimately the comfiest tank and sweats I own!
I live in this sweatshirt during the winter

Cavali Club

Cavali Club made the list in 2018, and they are back again this year. I just cannot say enough good things about this equestrian subscription box. Having tried several different boxes myself, and seeing reviews from fellow bloggers on several others, it is just clear to me that Cavali Club is truly the best box on the market for the discerning equestrian enthusiast. A GREAT gift idea for a fellow equestrian that already seems to have everything, I don’t know of anyone that wouldn’t be excited to receive one of these. A quarterly curation, it seems like every box outdoes the one prior to it. A subscriber myself, I really just can’t say enough about Cavali Club and what a great gift idea it is! Curious about prior boxes? Read my Summer Box review here, and my Spring one here. Use code “HunkyHanoverian” to save 15%!


Ace Equestrian

Equestrians are lucky to have many options when it comes to stylish and affordable belts these days. I am personally a die hard belt wearer- I feel naked without one. I’m sure you can imagine then that I have quite the belt collection. Since I like to be able to coordinate my belt to my outfit, I often to stay away from the mega pricey ones. I have found myself LOVING the elastic belt trend. Not only do they move with you, they look so much more streamlined under hunt coats, vests, winter jackets etc. One elastic belt rises above the rest in my book- Ace Equestrian. My fellow podcast host Taylor Bodson (@theecequestrian) turned me onto Ace belts and I am so glad she did. They are adjustable and supportive at the same time. The price point of $40 makes them great for gifting as well! Best part about Ace belts? They offer custom options so you can get the exact look you are striving for.

Rose & Lace Equestrian

An equestrian attire clothing line, Rose & Lace Equestrian is created and owned by Devon, a fellow Adult Ammy who jumps big sticks in the jumper ring. Focusing on a smaller number of items, you can be sure that any item you choose will be wonderful. One of my favorite items in the line-up is the Evelyn Lace  show shirt. I have been wanting a lace shirt for ages- I find them so pretty and feminine. The Evelyn shirt comes at a great price point too- $70. Outside of show clothing, R&L has some of the cutest casual clothes. I LIVE in my Black Mono B Splice leggings with a phone pocket, and my burgundy R&L Logo Sweater is an absolute go-to for pulling over my shirt on chilly show mornings! Want an even better deal? Use code “HHgiftguide20″ to save 20% off your entire order!!

Sporting my R&L logo sweater in Budapest


Evelyn Lace Show Shirt

Heated Horse

What better company to look for as winter approaches then Heated Horse? If you are looking to splurge, go for their bit warmer ($170) or personal heating pad (130). Both products utilize rechargeable batteries so you can use them on the go! If you are a bit more budget conscious but still wanting to keep out the chill, look no further then the patented Cold Weather Riding Gloves($35) . Designed with the equestrian in mind, your thumb and pinky are free to properly hold the reins. These gloves are sure to be a huge hit with any equestrian that sees a cold winter season. Use code “5OFFGLOVES” to save $5 when you buy a pair of the gloves!

Stevie Equestrian

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, a secure thigh pocket for my phone is a total game changer in my breeches line-up. The wonderful people at Stevie Equestrian have asked hundreds of riders what they like & dislike about breeches, and Stevie breeches are their answer. With a very secure & waterproof fabric lined phone pocket, you can be hands free at the barn while still having the safety precaution of having your phone within reach. The breeches also feature traditional styling and flattering 4-way stretch material. They fall in the affordable breech realm as well, at only $95. I’ve become absolutely addicted to the pocket and wear my pair at least once a week. Stevie breeches are definitely one to add to your own personal wish list this season. Read my in-depth review about them here. Use code “HUNKY25” to save 25% off which makes these breeches a screaming deal at a hair over $70 (amazing, I know!)

Stevie breeches in ‘slate’


Phone pocket for the win

Sterling Essentials

Born out of necessity, Sterling Essentials was created when Teal’s horse was injured, and the search for a good cleaner and conditioner to preserve unused leather that wasn’t full of irritating chemicals came up empty handed. Created with high-quality beeswax, food grade natural oils, and top of the line essential oils, Sterling Essentials was born. And boy am I glad they were. My absolute favorite conditioner, I use Sterling Essentials on everything from my Deniro boots to my Voltaire saddle. It smells fantastic and gives your leather that perfect dose of conditioning and subtle shine, without leaving behind a greasy or tacky feeling. The scents are the icing on-top: eucalyptus, lavender, and floral citrus.

Photo by Jamie Brogdon Photography
Photo by Jamie Brogdon Photography



Printable Pony

If you have never heard of the Printable Pony you can thank me now for this recommendation. Creator & owner Tracy is a fellow adult ammy who shows her adorable young gelding in the hunter ring. Not only do I enjoy supporting fellow riders’ small businesses, I always find myself fawning over all my Printable Pony purchases. Check them out for all your custom paper goods needs, everything from notecards to notepads. Another amazing product they offer are fully custom binders, including the horse records printable pack which is everything you need to keep all your horse’s records impeccably organized. One of my favorite things about Printable Pony is the price point, which makes gifting fun & personalized without costing an arm and a leg. I got my trainer custom notecards with our barn logo last Christmas and she truly loved them. So much so, that I will be getting more items this year. Use code “HUNKYHANO20” to save a whopping 20% off your entire order!

My custom Rio binder from Printable Pony. I legit could not love it more.
A few examples of paper goods options

The Tack Hack

The Tack Hack is basically the retail equivalent of my spirit animal. High quality attire and tack without the huge mark-up is basically what I live for. Founder Lauren is incredibly kind as well as knowledgeable, and she will do everything in her power to make sure her customers are happy with every aspect of their purchase. The Tack Hack offers a large selection of lovely “prix-owned” items and well as new with tags items at a discounted price. Brand new saddle pads that usually retail for $65 can be found for $20. Pikuer breeches usually retailing for $260 are available for $150. Shopping at the Tack Hack is like getting Black Friday prices year-round! Use code “TACKHACKHOLIDAY” for 10% off your order (excludes saddles).


Show Fee Sticker Co.

What better small business to support then one that literally says what they use the money for in the company name? Shop at Show Fee Sticker Co. and you will be helping fellow adult ammy Michelle support her horse show dreams. As the name suggests, they sell stickers among other custom offerings. Better yet, you can get custom stickers with your barn name or logo! Who else thinks that nicely wrapped baggies of homemade horse treats, peppermints, and a barn logo sticker would be a SUPER cute and affordable gift for your fellow barnmates? If you buy 4 stickers and mention this post during checkout you will get a 5th for free! Just put which one you want in the order comments.

My favorite SHSC sticker
All my monogrammed goodies!


Draper Therapies

A true family owned and run company, Kristin Draper developed Draper Therapies 8 years ago, a branch off from the parent company Draper Knitting Company. With an emphasis on therapeutic products for horses, they use Celiant technology in their fabric, which is a FDA determined medical device (the only one to have this determination by the FDA currently being used in equine products). Their websites has links to numerous clinical studies showing the efficacy of Celiant. Outside of technology, the products themselves are extremely high quality. Completely made in the USA, I am thrilled by the quality of my saddle pad and polo wraps. I have washed my white pad several times and it always comes out sparkling! Read my review of Draper Therapies here. Use code “hunkyhano” to save 10%!!!



Oaklyn Tack

What is better then supporting a small business, you may ask? Let me tell you! Supporting a small business that produces eco-friendly and sustainable products that are 100% sourced and made in the USA and shipped in 100% recycled packing that is also fully recyclable! Oaklyn Tack does all of these things. They are like the jackpot of businesses for the consumer that “votes with their dollars” when it comes to promoting a healthy earth and supporting American workers. Even better (yes it gets better), they have an AMAZING product. Their girths are absolutely gorgeous and at an affordable price point.  I cannot say enough great things about this company- they are sure to take the equestrian market by storm! Use code “newfriends15” for 15% off your purchase, which makes the girths $76.50!

How stunning is this girth???



Jeffers Pet & Equine

When it comes to online equestrian retailers,  not many people have heard of Jeffers, which is an entirely family owned company. I know I hadn’t before I went on the hunt from a specific anhidrosis supplement (True Sweat). When I stumbled across them I realized they offered the supplement at the best price as well as offering free and FAST shipping. When I returned to the site to buy more supplement, I did a bit more snooping around. They have some great sales, offering killer deals during their “fly week” sale for example. Wait a sec- a retailer that is offering a great sale on fly supplies during the HEART of fly season?! Color me impressed. Turns out they also offer their own line of many products at great prices, such as completely adorable,  high-quality, and competitively priced blankets. One of the things I love about Jeffers is their “promotions page”. Essentially it is items at an already low priced that are bundled with a free item. For example, you can get the Rambo Micklem Deluxe Competition bridle for the same price as SmartPak, but if you buy from Jeffers you also get a free Rambo Ear net. Um hello, who doesn’t love a freebie?!? I just got their Uniquely English Turnout blanket (which is SO CUTE) and it comes with a free matching fleece cooler. Use code “Hunky10” for 10% off your order.

Rio wearing his new gorgeous turnout blanket from Jeffers


The Fit Equestrian

Owner and founder Lauren created the Fit Equestrian as a way to combine her passions for riding, fitness, and nutrition. After 10 years off from riding, Lauren found success strengthening specific muscle groups in the gym to make up for lost time in the saddle, and wanted to share this experience with other equestrians. I think many equestrians can relate to having limited saddle time and wanting to continue building up strength outside of the barn to help improve their riding. The Fit Equestrian features downloadable workout programs and grocery guides to help you gain strength to improve your riding.  Already familiar with The Fit Equestrian? Be sure to check the site again because an all new No-Stirrups program was released Nov. 1st. They are also launching resistance bands and branded saddle pads in early December, both of which would make fabulous gifts. Want to hear from creator Lauren first-hand? Listen to the Amateur Hour Podcast minisode featuring the Fit Equestrian (available on all major podcast platforms). Use code “HH15” to save 15% off your purchase!

Braids n Bonnets

Bonnets are like saddle pads- you can never have enough. Since they are relatively inexpensive (in equestrian terms that is) people tend to get them in multiple colors so their horses can have coordinating outfits. Yes, we equestrians are a special breed of psycho. I know there are many places you can buy bonnets, but for me Braids n Bonnets rises to the top.  Local to North Texas, Kayla is an assistant trainer who helps fund her equestrian life by braiding at shows and making these truly lovely custom bonnets. Starting at $40, they are a great price range to get a special custom gift for your trainer or barn bestie. Make sure you order fast though- time is running out for a Christmas delivery.

Vanna (of @havana_has_my_heart) is showing off her Braids n Bonnets bonnet!
We also can’t forget her banana bonnet!

Dogwood Bling

No holiday gift guide would be complete without a small business treat company. I know that buyers have many choices these days when it comes to adorable handcrafted treats but my go-to shop is Dogwood Bling. Treats packs make a great low-budget gifting option, and Dogwood has the most adorable seasonal treats. Everything from pumpkin spice latte cookies to colorful and delicious looking donuts, don’t forgot to throw in some dog treats for your favorite barn pup!

Halter Tags

A true mom & pop shop, be sure to go to Halter Tags  for all of your engraving needs! I cannot stress how nice their work is. I frequent repeat customer, they put the SmartPak and Dover plates to shame. Thick metal and deep engravings, these things are a work of it. Not to mention their low prices!! Only draw back is a long turnaround time (expect 4-5 weeks or so, so order early!). Their prices are so good though that I don’t mind the wait. I order more things then I actually need, so I always have extra halter and bridle plates on hand for when I need them. All horse people do that, right?!

Dreamers n Schemers

Like saddle pads and bonnets, riding socks are something that no equestrian can ever have enough of, which is why they make such good gifts. Dreamers n Schemers offers a plethora of insanely cute designs, as well as a custom boot designer. Have an inside joke with your riding bestie? Put it on a pair of sock! Want your barn logo or pictures of your horse? Design some socks! Not only are these socks the funnest designs around, they are super comfy and durable. I have more pairs then I care to admit because they really are my favorite riding socks ever. Use code “AmateurHour” to save 10% off your order.

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