Herd of Zebras: Equestrian Apparel Review

If you are active on social media you have probably heard of Herd Of Zebras.  An equestrian lifestyle inspired apparel company, creator/owner Forest Franzoi has taken the equestrian world by  storm with her inspiring brand and it’s mission. After seeing people everywhere “join the herd” I had investigate what it was all about.

Herd of Zebras

If you spend a few minutes on the Herd of Zebras website you discover that what they offer is more then just apparel. It’s more like joining a community. The website explains that their brand is for anyone who has ever felt unseen, unheard, or out of place. Anyone who has felt isolated, suffering from an invisible illness, or a little bit different.

“A zebra’s stripes are unique. The stories behind our stripes are too. Show of your stripes, and we will show you ours.” -HoZ

By sporting your HoZ apparel you are joining a community of fellow warriors. You should feel empowered, and part of the herd.

Herd of Zebras

Herd of Zebras

Herd of Zebras

So, besides an awesome mission, what does HoZ offer? Super freaking cute and comfy clothes. If the story behind the brand doesn’t give you the warm fuzzies, their crew neck sweatshirt certainly will ($40). Super long sleeves with thumb holes and the softest fleece lining ever, you will never want to take the sweatshirt off. I have ONE other sweatshirt from my college days and it’s an old school style. You know what I mean, where the body of the shirt and the sleeves are kind of poofy. Sorry, but those sweatshirts are just not flattering on anyone. And I get it, you probably aren’t wearing a sweatshirt to be stylish, you want to be comfy and warm. But you shouldn’t have to choose! I want to be comfy, warm, and have a cute outfit!

This is the old school style of sweatshirt I am talking about

Enter the HoZ sweatshirt. It meets all these requirements, and I am in love.

Herd of Zebras

Herd of Zebras

A longer sleeker silhouette then older style sweatshirts, yet it is JUST as comfy and warm. It easily layers over your regular riding shirts, and I can definitely see myself pulling this over show shirts at future competitions. They have tons of great colors, so its easy to find the perfect fit for you. Highly recommend, literally zero drawbacks that I have been able to find!

Herd of Zebras

Herd of Zebras

I received a pink HoZ tshirt in my spring Cavali Club box (which was an amazing surprise), and a mint green one ($20) when I got my sweatshirt. They are super soft too and a great fit. Ideal tshirt really. Plenty of length in the body, so if you’re a shirt tucker like me you will appreciate them not coming untucked constantly. They layer perfectly with the sweatshirt, just peaking out along the crew neck and along the bottom hem. Btw- I got mediums in everything and I am glad I did. I would say they run true to size. I’m sure a small would have fit if I wanted more fitted shirts (I go between S and M). The medium is perfect to be comfy and a slightly more relaxed fit without being huge!

Herd of Zebras
The outfit I’m wearing as I write this post. I’m literally living in HoZ everything lately!

So if you’re thinking Herd of Zebras is just another equestrian brand among the many, don’t! They have great products at a good price point  with a wonderful mission. I’m excited to be showing my stripes in my HoZ apparel, and to be super cozy while doing it.

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  1. Love the sweatshirt!
    Would you say the sizing is pretty true? I’m tempted to get one (been looking for a cute snuggly sweatshirt!) but debating between sizes.

    1. Sizing is pretty spot on! I got a mediums in everything, and they are a nice relaxed fit. I could have gotten smalls for a more fitted look. I sometimes worry a medium in a tshirt will be HUGE, but these aren’t!

  2. They’re stuff is ridiculously comfy, isn’t it? I have the quarter zip sweatshirt and the sherpa one. The sherpa is the warmest thing I’ve ever owned. Probably too much for Texas, but it’s amazing up here in the frozen tundra!

    1. Hahaha no zippered hoodies either!!! When could I have a monogrammed quilted pullover or a plethora of cardigans to chose from. Zero hoodies and only one old sweatshirt that never sees any use!

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