Cavali Club Spring Box Review

I have talked about this before, but I love presents. Gifting is one of my love languages. I love the thrill of opening a package. I guess you could say I’m still a bit of a child at heart in that way. When I come home from work to package on the doorstep I always get excited. Don’t worry though, I’m not pub va crazy internet shopper racking up huge credit card bills with a closet full of un-used items, I’m just the right amount of crazy. Lucky for you, because now I get to share my Cavali Club spring box review!

Sneak peak!

When I came home from work on Monday I immediately seized the box and started to open it. If you follow me on Instagram (@hunky_hanoverian) you may have seen my story on Monday evening with the grand unboxing. Don’t worry if you missed it though, because I took pics along the way and I’m going to go through it all here!

I was immediately impressed by the size/weight of the box and the gorgeous packaging
Pretty boxes are more fun to open

It took me ages to open it because there was SO MUCH STUFF in this box- no air space filler bags here! As soon as I opened it I saw that the box was full to the brim.

I set the pamphlet off to the side to investigate later. I never read box inserts first because I like to be surprised as I’m going through it.  Once I removed the pamphlet I was immediately impressed with the super cute stickers. I have a “Rio binder” that I keep all his records in and you can bet that I’m going to slap some of these babies on it. Stickers may seem juvenile to some, but this further proves I’m a kid at heart because I love them, no shame here!


See what I’m talking about? Super full box of goodies!

I investigated further and picked up the Pedi hoof conditioner next. It is a nice size (not a huge container) which I appreciate for space saving measures, and it comes with a cute little applicator. I am excited to try it out, one can really never have enough hoof conditioner.

There is also a cuticle oil for people, which I find hilarious since it’s the human counterpart to hoof  conditioner. I haven’t tested it yet, but I am in desperate need of some cuticle conditioning. My hang nails have been something fierce lately, so some hand pampering is definitely in my future. Not something I’d typically buy my for myself, but I think it’s a nice addition for promoting self-care and feels like a spoil your self moment.

Next I was immediately drawn to a super cute bag from Myst with their gold unicorn horn logo on it. The bag definitely had some weight to it, and the tag revealed they were liniment bombs! So fun! The directions say to drop a bomb in a gallon of water for a liniment bath/rub down. The bag contained FOUR bombs, so plenty to share around with your barn mates. I like that they are small so they take up less room in your trunk/locker, and since it’s not liquid you don’t have to worry about spillage. Definitely a fun addition to the box and something that I will certainly try out. I have previously tried Myst Dry Shampoo and I loved it (see my review of it here!) so I am looking forward to giving these liniment bombs a spin.

Next thing I grabbed out of the box was the Unbelt, which I received in navy and gold. It took me awhile, but I’m officially on the elastic belt train. I have 2 Ruespari ones so far, so this will be my first one of a different brand. I’m super excited I got navy and gold because I love that color combo. Also, I have been wanting a navy elastic belt to wear at shows under my navy AA MotionLite. I have a navy Ovation belt I’ve been using at shows but I don’t like how the buckle sticks out, and I think the elastic belt will look sleeker. I haven’t gotten a chance to really test I out, but I tried it on and it looks super cute and fits well. I really love that this was in the box because it is totally something I would buy outright and I will get a ton of use out of it.

After the belt I went for the T-shirt. I knew we would be receiving some type of shirt because you had to submit your shirt size when ordering. This was tough for me because I sometimes wear small shirts and I sometimes wear mediums. If the shirt is described as “fitted” I typically size up to a medium. I went with medium to be on the safe side. The shirt is from Herd of Zebras in a pretty shade of pink and is made of super soft cotton. The medium is great on me! Some medium sized tshirts are HUGE, but this one seems true to size and is a comfortable relaxed fit. I also have some room if it shrinks a bit in the wash (I didn’t noticed if it was pre-shrunk cotton or not). Herd of Zebras is an awesome new equestrian inspired company with a unique story- but I want to save talking about that for a later post ;). I actually don’t have a ton of cute and comfy tshirts, so I’m excited to have another to add to my pitifully small collection.

Underneath these smaller items was a big black saddle cover from The Tack Hack. It feels like nice quality material, with a velour-type lining that is super soft and will definitely baby any saddle. It’s actually pretty funny that there was a saddle cover in this box because I have been toying with the idea of getting a new one for everyday use. I LOVE my Voltaire saddle cover, but the elastic on it is super strong and it’s a snug fit over my 18 inch extra long, extra forward flap saddle which makes it kind of a PITA to put back on after every ride. I can’t wait to take the Tack Hack cover (which I appreciate is a conservative black) to the barn and see if it fits my giant saddle. It looks like it will just by eye-balling it, but we will see. Fingers crossed!

At the very bottom of the box was one more surprise sandwiched between 2 pieces of cardboard- a gorgeous print of a painting by Kasia Bukowska featuring 2 lovely bays! I legit have horse artwork all over my house and I am positive I will find a place for this lovely. Hard to put a value on this one because Kasia doesn’t offer her prints in an  8×10 on her Etsy site. She does have a set of 5 blanks card for $25, so that’s what I will value this print as.


What was in the box:

Total Value: $149 (plus stickers!!!)


So what are my overall thoughts on the box? Simple- I’m in love!!! This is by far the best subscription box I’ve ever gotten. When was the last time you got 8 things in a subscription box??? I don’t even get 8 items in my pricier make-up box. Plus, it’s 8 things I’m actually going to use. Not one item did I set aside and think “meh” or “who could I re-gift this to?”. The Cavali Club box is $55, compared to the NF.edit box which is $60. Missed my review of the 2nd NF.edit box? Check it out here if you want to see 4 subpar items and a lot of space filler bags. Just for comparison, that box’s items are valued at $81, versus $149 in the Cavali Club spring box. Just saying- not hard to see why I cancelled my NF.edit subscription!

Several of my readers in the past have said they would rather spend $55 on something they really want and I TOTALLY get that. But, if you are having a treat yo self moment, or if you are looking for a gift for a fellow equestrian, but you don’t know specifics of their taste, then this box is a home run. My friend Claire said her hubby got her the spring box for Valentine’s day, which I think is so cute! Maybe I can convince my hubby into a year subscription as an anniversary gift? A girl can dream after all!

Oh I almost forgot! As an added bonus, the back page of the pamphlet has 8 discount codes from all the companies included in the box. They are GOOD discounts too, mostly 15-20% off. This definitely adds additional value for me, because I can see myself ordering more products from several of the companies. I’m a total deal hunter, so I really love a discount code!

I’d love to hear, what do you think? Would you love to receive this box?


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  1. The liniment bombs sound kind of awesome, I might have to check those out!
    This box is great! SO much better than the NF box you reviewed last. Like ten thousand times better. Lots of great stuff in here!

    1. I can send you a 15% off Herd of Zebras code if you want- I’m currently obsessed with their sweatshirt. I just got one and it’s soooo cozy with super long sleeves and thumb holes. I’m living in it these days. I really like supporting small equestrian companies that are putting out great products, can you tell? And No, I’m not an ambassador nor do I get kick backs or anything like that 😂.

  2. Oooo this is a GOOD box! I got the first 2 editions of the NF box and was not impressed (especially since I was not one of the limited people that got the bracelet in the 2nd box). I just subscribed to Cavali Club the other day and am even more excited now that I’ve seen the Spring box!

    Did the saddle cover fit? I think I have a similarly sized Voltaire (18″ 4AA) and have noticed a similar issue with the cover.

    1. Yessss this box was amazing! I agree the NF boxes (especially then 2nd one) were a huge flop. OH my gosh- we have the exact same size Voltaire! I am happy to report that the Tack Hack cover fits brilliantly and I only use that one now while at the barn. Dm me on IG (@hunky_hanoverian) and I’m happy to send you pics of it on my actual saddle!

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