2018 Equestrian Holiday Gift Guide

Wondering what to buy for the equestrian loved one in your life? I am incredibly excited to share my 2018 Equestrian Holiday Gift Guide! I had fun putting together a wish list in 2017, but this year’s guide isĀ  extra special, with an emphasis on small businesses. This is a selection of predominately American-made products from small businesses that I would personally LOVE to receive gifts from. Although I personally cannot vouch for many of these shops (although I wish I had tried them all!), they have all been recommended to me by fellow equestrians. I tried hard to include prices from a variety of price points to fit everyone’s budget. This post was a labor of love and hope all of my readers enjoy it!


Dreamers & Schemers Socks

No equestrian can ever have enough riding socks. Did you stuff your equestrian loved one’s stocking with riding socks last holiday season, and now you don’t want to repeat yourself for fear of disappointment? Well you can stop thinking that right now, and go ahead and buy them more. Especially if those socks are Dreamers & Schemers, which are in my humble opinion, the best on the market. I have 3 pairs )which is not nearly enough!), and they are the first ones I reach for every time.

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