Equestrian on a budget

Let’s face it- our sport is PRICEY! I am always looking for a deal, because I’d rather spend more money on lessons then over priced horse stuff if I can avoid it.

All of my friends know I am an equestrian deal hunter, and that I get a little thrill at finding high-end products for a good price. If couponing for equestrians was a thing, I’d be the queen of it. Basically, I just do not see the point of paying retail if it is not necessary. I mean, it’s not like you can save money on your board bill (typically),or the vet ever has services on sale, so retail is really the one area I can scrimp a little. I have mentioned some of this products in my other post Equestrian Fashion That I Love, but this post goes more in depth to the prices. I am going to share a few of my ‘tips’ and I would LOVE to hear about yours!

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