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So… I spent the last hour or so writing a long and very detailed post- and then it felt like one of those things you just don’t share on-line, kind of like airing your dirty laundry in public, ya know? Being new at this whole blogging thing, I’m still not sure where to draw the line. Even if I don’t use names or identifiers- anyone who knows me will be able to figure it out, and I assume that some people probably don’t want to be on an internet blog. That being said, here is a change of topic.

I LOVE that there are so many products for equestrians now a days. I remember being in elementary school and using Dover and State Line Tack catalogs to make wish lists for every birthday and Christmas. I would get SO excited when a new catalog would arrive featuring some piece of clothing or tack that was now available in a new”interesting” color, aka anything neon or glitter. Remember those Davies silver glitter splint boots?!? I had those when they FIRST came out and I was so freaking excited and thought they were absolutely the best thing ever. Thank goodness I grew out of that stage before those colors became readily available. My hunter diva heart would stop in it’s tracks.

The epitome of fashion to 8th grade me

Now that I am late 20 something and living in hunter land, my taste in tack and apparel is a bit more subtle, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love a touch¬†of individual style. I may not rock USA flag and TieDye polo wraps anymore, but I can still appreciate the many options¬†that are now available. Here is a small sample of the products that I love!


I am obsessed with DeNiro boots. A few years ago I went on the hunt for custom or semi custom boot. I have a normal foot size (9.5) but I needed custom calf and height measurements due to my ridiculously long legs. I found a store in the UK that sold DeNiros and offered custom calf and height measurements, so I put in my measurements and ordered a pair. A week or so later the store contacted me that my height measurement was like too tall and EXTRA custom and charged me 80 euros more. Yup. That’s because my legs are a special kind of freak. All in all though, the transaction was seamless and the boots arrived about 8 weeks later. SO PRETTY. Only draw back is that I was a bit confused on the european foot sizing and I think I ended up with a 10 and they are a little big in the footbed, but nothing too terrible. They are so tall, and fit my calf beautifully- for about $800 all in, including shipping.

Equestrian fashion deniro
My 1st pair of DeNiros, in black

After my practice boots wore a hole I started wearing my DeNiros every day for about 6 months before I bit the bullet and decided to buy another pair. My logic was that these black ones needed to remain nice for showing, so I needed a fun practice pair, aka brown ones. Because, brown=life.

I went back to the same store… and had a TERRIBLE experience. Store had changed ownership and new owner was a total whack job. Do not, under ANY circumstances, order anything from Equiporium in the UK. Like really, don’t do it. Thank goodness I contacted DeNiro directly and they like forced the new owner to cooperate and get me the boots I had paid for. DeNiro was incredibly accommodating and helpful in my situation. They make beautiful boots, they just don’t sell them direct, hence the 2nd part vendor. I will definitely buy DeNiro again, just through a different vendor. I ordered a size down this time, but the same calf and height measurements (which or 35.5 cm in the calf and 54.5 cms in height if you’re curious). I was sooo nervous the foot would be too small, but they fit PERFECT. I am obsessed with the gorgeous color too. I love that the leather is supple but not paper thin, so I expect these babies to last about 5 years or so. I have worn the brown ones every ride since I got them in May, and they still look new. I have never even needed to polish them.


Equestrian fashion deniro

Equestrian fashion Kingsland
The Kingsland details are the best part of their clothes. Again pictured is the South Hampton belt


I am also mildly obsessed with Kinsgland Apparel. The US dealer for Kingsland is the NICEST lady EVER and her warehouse is only 20 minutes from my house. If you make an appointment with her you can come in and have free run of the warehouse to browse and try one clothes. It’s like the best and worst thing ever, worst for my wallet that is. Their breeches are super hardy and the wide waistband style fits me like a glove. I have 2 pairs, but am always tempted to go buy more. Their shirt and jacket game is also on point, and I have more then I would like to admit.

Equestrian fashion Kingsland
One of my fave Kingsland shirts. Also pictured are Kingsland black breeches and C4 belt.


My Sammy is must as well. I have never had such a nice fitting helmet. Black for showing, brown for schooling (to match my boots ?)

Equestrian fashion samshield
Brown Sammy when it was new. I buy from Europe bc it’s way cheaper.



Last thing I’m going to mention today is Gersemi breeches. They have been around for awhile on the dressage scene, but I think they only recently started doing the knee patch style (someone correct me if I’m wrong). They are semi hard to find, but I have managed to snag some on tack of the day. They fit me super well, and both my pairs from TOTD were about $60, so like insanely amazing breeches for the price.

Equestrian fashion gersemi
Navy Gersemi breeches with adorable white details


Black with dove grey piping and charcoal knee patches


Gersemi runs true to size in my opinion. I wear 28L in Tailoreds and 28L in Gersemi.



Asmar Equestrian:

Although pricey, I love everything Asmar, and try to grab stuff on sale whenever possible!

Asmar sleeves are always nice and long, which my lengthy arms appreciate
hunter/jumper, warmblood, equestrian style
Wish I had the Asmar long sleeved tee in every color #agirlcandram



What are some of your favorite equestrian products and why?

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  1. I would totally slurge on DiNiro if I wasn’t broke, seriously SO pretty. I adore Kerrits breeches and will preach them to the moon for as long as I live. They are legitimately the only brand of breeches that actually fit me. I have larger thighs but literally no waist whatsoever, which means I can usually fit a whole other person in the waistband of standard breeches *insert eyeroll*. Kerrits are the only breeches that I can move in comfortably and don’t feel like I’m pulling my belt up every 5mins, they’re all I will own anymore.

    1. That is awesome! I have actually never tried Kerrits- but maybe I will! Do you think they fit true to size? Which is your favorite style? I’ve heard they are lightweight and good for got summers- true?

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