Beautiful day for a ride

The weather was perfect today. 71 ish with a lovely breeze and sunny. I rode Rio in the front pasture for a change of scenery and it was just gorgeous.

Trainer and I decided to put Rio and some of the other horses on that Equine Omega Complete supplement, and I can tell a huge difference in his coat. It is still long for winter, but super shiny and soft.

Anyway, nothing too exciting about our ride, it was just an easy hack. I have noticed that Rio has NO desire to gallop lol, he’d be a terrible eventer. I encouraged a bit of a gallop for some fun and he was not having it, it was actually pretty comical.

Our lovely view

After our ride I decided to give Rio a bubble bath and just dote on him awhile. He seemed to enjoy it, and afterwards I didn’t feel like waiting for him to dry before letting him back out into the pasture with his buddy, George. I foolishly thought that if I put his fly sheet back on he wouldn’t roll. How wrong I was!

Video of Rio trying to spite me 

I feel like this was straight up revenge for either the bath, or for trying to get him to gallop ?.

One roll wasn’t enough, he had to go down again


Staring right at me the entire time

As I was pulling out the drive I couldn’t help but stop and snap a few pics of Rio and George, his newest bestie.

happy boys!


All and in all, a great day at the barn!

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