Faux eventer for a day


One of my favorite things about my barn is the XC jumps scattered around the property. Nothing big, beginner novice and green as grass type jumps, but they are perfect for mixing it up a bit.

pretty pasture with super fun XC jumps


I don’t think that Rio enjoys working in the arena every time we ride (or maybe I don’t, and am therefore projecting on him ?) so I occasionally pick one of the many large pastures on the property to hack around in. My dear hubby came out today, so I wanted to show off a bit and decided to jump ┬ásome of the XC jumps, to show off what a good baby horse I have. After a light warm-up I popped him over some baby logs. Rio acted like we’ve done it a million times and was super chill.

Rio4.1.17 from Kelly on Vimeo.

So chill in fact, that I really need to use way more leg and continue to work on developing a better canter with a bit more “oomph”. But really, we were just having an easy and relaxed ride, and I am THRILLED with what a solid citizen he was today. As I was walking him out on a long rein, I started thinking about how I can’t believe that I have this amazing 5 yr old that I can jump around in a big, open pasture and he doesn’t ever bat an eye. Living the dream!!!

future derby star!
floaty trot
our attempt at a hand gallop LOL

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