Equestrian Fashion: Kingsland Edition

How to Achieve Nirvana (the equestrian version)


  1. Go to the Ocean Point facebook page
  2. Message Dee Dee (the owner)
  3. Set up an appointment to explore the Cave of Wonders aka the Kingsland showroom and warehouse
  4. Nirvana will be achieved upon arrival

Seriously though, if you love equestrian apparel and are anywhere near the DFW area (specifically Carrolton) you MUST go to the Kingsland warehouse. Dee Dee is the US distributor for Kingsland and this place is majikal with majikal prices, I kid you not.

**I am in no way paid to say any of this, nor am I given free products, I am just obsessed and want to share my obsession**

If you are not close enough to actually visit the Cave of Wonders, definitely check out Dee Dee’s website. Not as fun as fun, but better then nothing!


Do you see all those colors of breeches?!? Just LOOK!

Trainer, barnmate, and I visited the warehouse yesterday evening. I have been to this rodeo before, so I knew to bring a bottle of wine, but Dee Dee is also prepared with wine for newbies that don’t know the drill. A private equestrian apparel shopping experience with wine- what could be better? The store is by appointment only, so you and your besties can have the whole experience to yourself. These pictures show only the showroom- there is an entire WAREHOUSE chock full of inventory. I kid you not.

The faces of happiness

So the store is predominately apparel (H/j and Dressage). They have shirts, breeches, show coats, all kinds of AMAZING casual jackets, millions of vests in all colors, tons of soft sweaters (even full on track suits), baseball hats, beanies, knitted hats, ear warmers, socks, gloves (in black and white), totes, over night bags, wellies, and even comfy slippers. They also have a nice selection of horse gear- halters, gorgeous saddle pads, stunning coolers, sheets, and scrim sheets, polo wraps, gorgeous ear bonnets, standing wrap etc. Can you tell I could go on forever?


Racks stuffed full of uber cute clothes



I always tell myself I am not going to buy a lot of stuff… but it’s like seriously impossible not to! My haul this trip consisted of 2 pairs of breeches, a lovely long sleeved shirt in the nicest tech-type fabric, and a  new baseball hat.


I am still drooling over the ocean blue breeches

Moral of the story, if you want to reach complete and total bliss, go visit the Kingsland warehouse in Carrolton, TX. My secret is officially out, you are welcome.

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