NF.Edit Subscription Box Review

Ok guys. If you read my last review of the first Nf.edit subscription box then you will know I was a bit underwhelmed. Although I would like to revise my opinion of the Ruespari belt (I have since fallen in love with it and purchased a 2nd!). NF seemed to take everyone’s concerns to heart thought and it seemed like they were making a conscious effort to make the 2nd box better. They even emailed subscribers a link to a message board of sorts where you could leave feedback on what you liked/disliked about the box to help them tailor future boxes. I was hopeful that box #2 would be a home run.

Nf.edit subscription box review
Nf.edit subscription box #2

To start things off, there was a bit of a snag getting the actual box, which was supposed to arrive in December according to their website.

I got an email in early December that the box was on its way and my CC was charged ($60). Then I got an email that there was a bit of a snafu in the warehouse and that although there was a box on it’s way, it was the first box again. But never fear, I would still get the new box and wouldn’t be charged any additional to receive the 1st box again. Ok cool, a free box! I gave it to my friend Liana. After all- it did have some good stuff in it (my favorite being the Ruespari belt and Dreamers and Schemers socks). A couple weeks later I got an email that the real box wouldn’t arrive before Christmas (new company growing pains and all) but that they would send tracking info when possible. They did, and the real box finally arrived yesterday.


Am I annoyed it arrived late? Honestly, not really. I mean, I did get a “free” box by happy accident and I wasn’t exactly in a hurry. It was really not a big deal in my book, and I was excited to see the actual box arrive on my doorstep. I figured it might have taken them a bit longer then expected to put together the perfect box, which was fine with me!

Nf.edit subscription box review
Big box, not much content. Could have saved on shipping with a smaller box, just saying.

I opened it and literally laughed out loud. A laugh of shock. The box contained lots of air pockets and only 4 actual items.

Let me back track and say the whole theme of the NF.edit box is “self-care”. It is geared towards hard working equestrians who spend more time in the barn then the spa and encouraging them to take a few moments to indulge themselves. This box also included pictures of top riders with quotes, one of which specifically said what self care means to her.

Right, now where was I? Oh yes, what was in the box. Besides the pictures of riders with quotes, there was a soy candle by Equestrian Wellness ($32), chapstick from Bibimbap ($26 but the company is re-branding to Oh+August and putting all old labeled products on clearance), Savvy Muscle Creme ($28), and a Platinum Performance Bar EQ ($3.10).


NF.edit website says it boxes have over $100 value. Don’t worry, I did the math for you.

Total product value : $81.10

There is also a code to get $70 off a year subscription to the NF.edit box. If you enjoy boxes of disappointment, you can get them at a discount. If you factor the discount code in, then I guess the value is over $100. I don’t count it though, since I won’t be using it.


Let’s examine the contents a bit more. I love candles. I really do. Sorry Equine Wellness, but not only would I never spend $32 on a candle, your Campfire scent vividly reminds me of the time I left an Amazon prime pantry box on my stove top and almost caught my entire kitchen on fire. It REALLY smells like an intense campfire, which probably some people would like. Unfortunately, it’s just not my cup of tea. Clean, tropical, floral- I’m not that hard to please when it comes to pleasant scents. Intense smokey campfire is just not something I would like my house to smell like. I will likely re-gift it to someone who is super into camping. It suppose it could be kind of fun lit outside if you are in a scenario when you wanted it to smell like a campfire without actually building one. Unclear, but moving on.

Chapstick is chapstick. I actually got this same Bibimbap chapstick already, in a Cavali Club box. It’s good chapstick, but still chapstick, and in no scenario is it worth $26. Unless you are Denzel Washington in the Book of Eli, but  I digress.

The Savvy muscle creme is somewhat interesting. It smells really good and is also supposed to be hydrating. Bengay is $7 at Walmart, but this fits the bill of a luxurious feeling self care item geared to equestrians. It is my favorite item in the box. I rubbed some into my hands (which are often sore) and so far no discernable difference in soreness but I really do like the smell. It doesn’t tingle, cause warmth, or anything that you might expect in a muscle creme, but who knows. Maybe the hubs will give me a back rub with it. It may or may not be effective, but at least it fits with the theme and is an interesting addition to the box.

Nf.edit subscription box review


The final item in the Nf.edit subscription box is the Platinum Performance Bar EQ. It’s essentially a treat for your horse that is made of the same stuff as their supplements. I have no gripe with PP and have been considering trying their Platinum Refresh for Rio’s anhidrosis. But, this addition had me severely perplexed. How does a horse treat even remotely fit the theme of self care for the rider? Why would a box geared toward the pampering of equestrians have a horse treat? And one valued at approximately 3 bucks? I’m sorry to say that this one strongly feels like a hasty after thought.


So… sorry NF, I gave you a 2nd chance. If the first box missed the mark, this one isn’t even on the map for me. I really don’t see how the NF.edit subscription box is a carefully curated collection focusing on self-care for equestrians. Maybe I had the wrong expectations, or maybe I expected too much. The end product left me feeling pretty disappointed. 4 items for $60 just isn’t going to do not for me, especially when one is chapstick and one is a single serve horse treat.

Now I want to know what you guys think. Would you have been happy to receive this box? Am I a boring stick in the mud with unrealistic expectations? You tell me!


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