Cavali Club Subscription Box Review

I am a sucker for subscription boxes. Like, I just love the idea of getting a surprise ‘gift’ in the mail. Did I pay for it myself? Yes. Does it feel like a fun gift because you don’t actually know what is in it? Hell yes. I am also a self proclaimed bargain hunter, so the idea of getting a good value on something (which is semi the point of subscription boxes) also entices me. I am pretty freaking psyched that the equestrian community is catching on-to this trend. The latest box to add my my obsession is the Cavali Club subscription box, which retails for $55.

Cavali Club Subscription Box

If you read my Noelle Floyd subscription box review, you will know this isn’t my first journey into equestrian boxes. When I arrived home from my show last week and found the Cavali Club box and my SmartPak order on my entryway table I positively squealed. A NEW BOX AND SP?! It’s basically Christmas when I get stuff in the mail, I just love it. (Side note- my SP order was Hadley breeches, should I review them soon?)

Cavali Club Subscription Box


Let’s start with what was in it:

TOTAL VALUE: $117.04

Cavali Club Subscription Box


Now onto the individuals items. The polos are probably great for most people. My whole barn uses polos, but the Aztec print would never fly. Solid conservative colors only (black, grey, green, navy, burgundy). Maybe I could use them for a casual off-site schooling at some point, or I could always re-gift them, because they are super cute and very usable. I do think the value is a bit high for polos, for if you are really into fun prints then it may be an accurate price point.

I am most excited about the Equestrian Stockholm fleece headband. We are already starting to experience colder temps, and these head bands are my absolute favorite for the barn, since they are compatible with pony tails/buns. I have been super interested in Equestrian Stockholm as a brand, but they aren’t easily accessible in the US at the moment, so I love getting to see a sample of their product quality, which is excellent by the way. The headband comes across as very well made and high-end, and it’s in a very wearable conservative navy, which is right up my alley. This is my favorite item in the box.

The Love the Links bracelet is very cute! Dainty and equestrian themed, it might not be the height of quality, but that just means I don’t have to feel bad about riding in it. It’s definitely an adorable accessory that I was quite pleased to receive.

Cavali Club Subscription Box
Love the Links Bit Bracelet


The Bibimbap lip treatment was a genius addition. I can never have enough chapstick, ever. I have it in my purse, my car, my tack trunk, and my jacket pockets. With winter quickly approaching, I am always happy to have more chapstick laying around. That being said, I have been trying out this chapstick, and I really like it! I usually use the Chapstick brand medicated or original as solid go-tos, and sometimes when I branch out I’m disappointed (I’m looking at you Burt Bee’s Ultra Conditioning). But, the Bibimbap is hydrating, long lasting, and doesn’t leave a weird residue, so it gets to join my chapstick line-up. On the other hand, $26 for chapstick is kind of insane and I would never pay that. So as far as the value aspect goes, I’d personally value it more like $5, not $26.

As I mentioned in the NF box review, you can never go wrong with Dreamers & Schemers socks, ever. These socks are the best socks and you can never have enough of them. This is my 2nd favorite item in the box. I actually just ordered some cute fox ones from D&S, and I am still excited to get another pair. Plus, socks are the one part of my ROOTD that can be crazy out there and non-traditional, so it really doesn’t matter what crazy color patterns you get, since they ultimately hide under your boots. #neverenoughsocks

The Noel Asmar novelty towel, as I am referring to it, is cute, but ultimately a promotional item. Do I like that it came in the box? Yes. Do I think it truly adds value? Not really. It’s a fun promotional item that I would expect to find in like a VIP gift bag or something. It’s cute, but not exactly functional. I’ll throw it in my trunk and maybe use it to wipe my boots (but only when they are dusty and not truly muddy because I don’t really want to ruin it). Although it technically retails for $6, I can’t really say that it has much value for me other then being fun and a brand that I like. Still though, it is a nice equestrian themed addition, and might see some use at some point.

Cavali Club Subscription Box


The last item in the box was the Pampered Skin Care Essentials hair mask, which says it is safe for both horses and people. Designed to repair damaged hair, it is essentially a deep conditioning mask. I haven’t tested it out yet, but I will probably use it some day when I’m bored and want to expend extra effort in the shower (instructions say to let it sit for 3 minutes). This is probably something I totally would have used on my horse in my teens, but maybe not so much these days. Then again, the top of Rio’s tail is a bit brittle/breaking at the moment, maybe I’ll throw it on there when I bathe him pre-body clip, which is coming up soon. Is this something I would have purchased? Probably not, but it is kind of a fun little indulgence, that does have a slight horsey connection.

Overall, I feel like the Cavali Club box did a better job of keeping the rider in mind than NF.edit’s inaugural box. The dollar to dollar retail value of the CC box was less then the NF box ($117.04 vs $187.50), but I do feel like the CC box had more in it that I will actually use. Out of the NF box the only items I have been utilizing are the D&S socks and Ruespari belt (which has actually grown on me and is perfect for under show coats since it doesn’t add bulk). I will pretty much use all the items in the CC box (although the polo wraps aren’t a fit for my barn due to the color, otherwise they would be easy to utilize). The HUGE asset to the NF box was the $50 spend at their new, which I already used to get an Asmar Equestrian long sleeve logo shirt for the grand total of $18 (talk about a steal, they retail for $68 and I got free super fast shipping).


Now that you know what’s in it, what are your thoughts? What would you value, and what wouldn’t you use? Since this is just my personal opinion, I’d love to hear if the CC box would be a home run with you, or would it miss the mark?






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  1. I wouldn’t use any of it, except the towel, to wipe horse noses. However, I have $1 towels from walmart to do that, too. LOL. And I do like D&S socks, but not this pattern. These boxes will never get me until they up their game.

    1. Yup I totally understand that! I think this box only works for specific types, like people who are interested in trying new stuff and aren’t that picky about what products they use.

  2. Thanks for the review! This would be fun to get as a gift, but for myself I’d rather pay $50 for something I know I like.
    The polos aren’t bad, but yeah not my style I personally stick to basic black or navy, or white for a dressage clinic.
    I would never pay $26 for chapstick!! Please tell me it doesn’t actually smell or taste like a bibimbap bowl?? (Which don’t get me wrong is delicious, but is just wrong for lip balm!!)

    1. I absolutely agree, I think this is a fun gift if you have a horse lover in your life but don’t know specifically what to get them. And thankfully, the chapstick doesn’t smell like bibimbap HAH!

    1. Haha I would also love all socks! I think the boxes would have more value if they included promo codes to the brand’s stores. Like here are some D&S socks, and here’s 20% off your next order! Here is a Noel Asmar scarf, and here is a $20 spend on your next purchase! That type of thing would be even more appealing!

  3. Wow a $26 chapstick hahaha. I think I had to go back and reread the whole post because my mind got stuck on that one number.

    The socks and headband are cute and fun items to have. I rarely use polos because of the whole hassle of them… boots are my jam. The towel is fine and maybe something I would keep to wipe the dogs paws in my kitchen rather than at the barn (where it would die a quick and brutal death)

    Hair mask sounds fun for winter. Definitely not enough to do May’s tail hahaha it’s a beast, and the bracelet just isn’t my style.

    However, I think this box is WAY more promising than the original box. I hope you keep getting it!

    1. Totally agree about the chapstick haha! And yes, I think this box did a better job of actually catering to riders!

    2. i too got stuck on 26 dollars for essentially lip balm. I love that you are getting these boxes because I get to see what is in them but not sure i would get one. But keep on buying them 🙂

      I do like the headwrap thingy and the polos are cute but even i wouldnt use that pattern. But def a regift idea. Bracelet is cute etc.

      Socks a subscription box of socks. Yes where do i sign up? 🙂 HA

  4. I think this one was a lot better than the NF box. I actually kind of love that towel. I LOVE sub boxes, but tend to stick with the less pricey ones. I have been getting the stateline one since it came out pretty much, and have really enjoyed it. This month we got a Back On Track scarf in there!

      1. It’s monthly, and it’s around $35.00. Sometimes it’s awesome and sometimes not. But I’ve gotten some really great things in there over the last couple of years. One month I got a tough1 ice boot, which as it turns out, is my favorite ice boot! Sometimes they’ll send something like a supplement that I might not be interested in, but that’s a risk you take with these boxes. It’s more of a horse box, so there are more things for the horse, and maybe one or two things for the human.

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