Bit Cleaning Hack: Denture Cleaner

The following bit cleaning hack is from guest blogger Joanne, enjoy!



There are certain things good boys and girls do when they’re done riding for the day. Run up the stirrups, wipe down your tack, and clean your bit.

I’ll admit it so you don’t have to. I rarely wipe down my tack and bit after every right. I’m an old, lazy AA and time just gets away from me at the barn and then I’m fighting daylight to get home
before this old lady’s bedtime. A quick dunk, sure… but I also have the frothiest mare known to mankind and a dunk just doesn’t always do the trick.

However, I do have time to watch endless Instagram stories by various horsewomen who try out various products that I may or may not need to add to my arsenal. I recently saw a video
posted by someone using some fancy-schmancy name-brand bit cleaner that looked just like denture cleaner to me.


bit cleaning hack

No dentures here, folks, but as an anxiety-ridden AA I do grind my teeth at night while dreaming about mastering the perfect 20m circle, and my dentist recommended a denture cleaner for my
night guard.

Being “frugal” as I am – and reluctant to buy an overpriced horse-only product where I can get 90 denture cleaning tablets for like $2, I gave my daily Herm Sprenger a little carbonated denture cleaner soak in a warm bubble bath – its little vacation time from Miss Froth herself. Plop plop fizz fizz, four denture tablets in a large container of warm water and a few minutes later…

I didn’t have any great expectations, but OMG peeps. If you have any crusty grime that you can’t pick off with your fingernail, this stuff is Every inch of dried unidentifiable crud came off with the wipe of a finger. Proof is in the pudding – check out the video below!

I also, for goofy grins, removed my blingalicious browband and dunked that in a fresh fizz bath. It wasn’t super dirty to begin with, but did come out extra shiny after its soak.


Denture cleaner for bits from Kelly on Vimeo.



Two thumbs up review from this guest blogger!

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  1. I’ve used toothpaste before yo clean my bit, but that involves a bit of scrubbing. But it sure gets nice and shiny. I will use the denture cleaner on my own nightguard though!

    1. Hi Suzy! I have done that before as well, but feel sort of guilty for doing it with our regular dishes and don’t like running an otherwise empty load just for dishes. Plus this was literally a 5 minute fix!

  2. OMG I am the worst person in the world with cleaning stuff and Remus has a loose ring french link (Which means lots of nooks and crannies crap gets stuck in). I am going to try this! Thanks so much! 🙂

  3. I usually throw my bit in a pot and boil it. Buuuuut now that we have fancy pots from our wedding, I should probably try something like this. I also love the idea of cleaning my sparkly browband this way!

    1. LOL! No ruining the fancy wedding pots! You can dirty up a cheap piece of tupperware instead now 🙂

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