Romfh Lace Shirt and SP Hadley Breeches Review

I have been meaning to write about both of these new additions to my wardrobe for a bit now,so this weekend I figured I would just wear them together and combine the reviews.

Romfh Long Sleeve Lace Show Shirt


The shirt is the Romfh Long Sleeve Lace Show Shirt which I got on sale from Smartpak for $45. I have been wanting it for about a year, but refused to pay $73 for a shirt I didn’t plan on showing in.  I have plenty of show shirts and I just wanted a fun white shirt to school in. $45 is still a bit pricey for a schooling shirt IMO but I really had been eyeing this one for a year but I finally jumped on it.

Romfh shirt, Ruespari belt, Hadley breeches

Well… I’m a bit disappointed. When I opened it I was immediately a bit let down by the fabric which gave the overall impression of slightly cheap. Cheap might be a but harsh, but it definitely didn’t scream quality. I reminded myself that at least I got it on sale and pulled it over my head. Ugh. More disappointment. It doesn’t fit me very well. If you are 5’3 you will probably love it. At 5’11, I look a tiny bit silly in it. It’s short in the torso (barely tucks into my breeches) and even shorter in the arms. My wrists were very embarrassed, but I assured them that showing skin is what all the young people do these days.

un-tucked to show torso length

But, it really is cute. The lace on the arms is totally adorable and the shirt has some nice embroidered details. It washes really well, and is still a nice bright white after several wears. Although I didn’t love the the fabric at first, I do appreciate that aspect. The overall weight is a bit heavier then your typical sun shirt, although the description claims that is has all the features as the Romfh ChillFactor sun shirts. I wouldn’t wear it on the hottest days, but as long as the temp isn’t terrible (mid 80’s or below) it is fine.

close up of the arm lace
right arm detailing

Another thing I am not thrilled about is the HUGE stock-tie holder on the back of the collar. This makes the shirt less functional for h/j and show jumping riders, who don’t wear a stock tie (unless you’re in a derby). Like… maybe make it more subtle? Or removable? I may cut it off, but it will leave the silver snaps visible. I just feel like they are limiting their market with this feature.

The lace on the back of the collar is a nice touch, I wish it wasn’t ruined by the giant stock tie keeper.

Overall, I would rate this shirt a C. It’s not a great fit on me, but I did decide to keep it since I like the style and don’t mind slightly short sleeves. I would have likely returned it if I had paid full price though If you are petite you would probably love this shirt. Fyi, if you are on the fence about the size I would size up. I got a small and it’s a bit snugger then I would normally expect. If you are somewhat in between sizes, I would size up.

SP Hadley Breeches

Hadley Breeches

I have been wanting the Hadley breeches since SP first released them. I was immediately drawn to the more traditional appearance of them in comparison to the Pipers. Don’t get me wrong, the Pipers are very fun, I’m just a boring traditionalist at heart. Since I already have a ridiculous number of breeches, I didn’t get them right away. When I saw them go on clearance, and then a one day flash sale for 30% off Hadley on top of the clearance price, I couldn’t resist. I picked these up for the grand total of $42.

Hadley Breeches
slightly lumpy bum from the deep back pockets

I read on the SP reviews that they run a tiny bit on the small side, and I would have to agree with that. I got the same size that I wear in Tailoreds, a 28L, and they are tiny bit snugger in the waist then my Tailoreds, but not enough that I would size up. The fit is still comfy, and I like the rise ok. SP advertises them as a mid-rise, but if you are a true mid-rise lover the might be a hair low on low on the rise for you. I feel like my mid-rise Tailoreds are a bit higher than these, and I find myself wanting to pull them up just a hair more then they naturally want to sit. Maybe if I had sized up then the rise would be better on me, not sure.

Hadley Breeches
They feel great in the saddle, super comfy

Although it may sound like I have a lot of fit issues with them, I actually find them quite comfortable. The fabric is really nice,  definitely comparable to higher-end breeches. They have two back pockets that zip, which are deep enough to fit an entire smartphone without fear of it falling out. Initially, I felt like the butt pockets felt kind of obtrusive/ bunchy on my bum, but after wearing them a few times and seeing how handy the pockets are, I think I’m willing to accept the extra bulk back there for the convenience factor. I find myself reaching for them first, knowing that I can put my phone in my pocket and ride with it like that. I often hack alone during the week in the evenings, so it’s an easy way to keep my phone on me for safety.

Hadley Breeches

The color of these Hadley breeches is called Dark Spruce on the SP site, but they look very grey in the stock photo. I honestly didn’t pay attention to the color name, and just assumed I was getting gray breeches. When I open them I was a bit perplexed, as they do look grey, but also have a hint of green or blue. I asked three different people at the barn what color they would say the breeches are, and no one said they thought they looked green. It was a combination of grey or grayish blue. If you want true green breeches, Dark Spruce is not the color for you. If you don’t really care what color they are, besides being pretty & conservative, then I would recommend these. I honestly don’t know if they are green or blue, and it doesn’t make a difference to me. I actually quite like the color.

Would I pay full price for these ($120)? No. I would definitely grab another pair during a good sale though. For $42 these are a phenomenal deal. I would get more for $65 too. Maybe even $75 if it was a color I really wanted. Probably not more then that though. So if you can get these on sale, I would highly recommend them!


Post ride treats and donks

Has anyone else tried either of these products and have an opinion on them? Would love to hear what you loved/hated. Any questions?


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  1. I wonder if you could cut the stock tie keeper off and then just cut the fabric around the white snaps and snap them back on. Not sure if that makes sense… but you would end up with the white snap covers with the fabric in the circles covering up the silver snaps.

    I have the Hadley’s and really like them, but I did have to size up (and size up TWO sizes in the full seats) from my TS and Sarafina breeches. I do really like them and they always look nice, so I am with you on buying them again (at a discounted price).

    1. Hmmm that is a good idea about the snaps! Maybe I will try that! Worse comes to worse and I’m left with the silver snaps which would still probably be better then the huge what thing.

      I am wondering if I should size-up on my next pair of Hadleys. Maybe I would like the rise better. I always ride with a belt so it would be ok if they were a tad loose.

  2. I’m glad you reviewed the Romfh lace shirt! It catches my eye every time but I’ve never been quite ready to buy it. (Like you, I have enough show shirts and have never really neeeeeeded a pretty, white, expensive schooling shirt.) But I’m tall like you and finding shirts that stay tucked in can be a challenge! So I’m glad to know about the fit!

    1. Oh really? What happened to yours? How many washes. This one has maybe had 10 washes and still looks new, but I know that isn’t that many. I wash most of my riding shirts on delicate cycle with cold water.

  3. I’m too much of a pigpen to buy a white shirt for schooling! I can barely get through a warm up + class at a show without getting some sort of stain on mine.
    I didn’t like how Pipers fit on me, and generally have not been that impressed with most of SP’s own brands but at $42 I might be tempted.

  4. I haven’t yet gotten past the idea of a white schooling shirt! Lol! I’m not allowed to wear white to the barn unless it’s show clothes because I’m a filthy animal.
    I really haven’t heard anything great about those lace shirts. I always thought it looked itchy too. It’s certainly pretty though!

    Haven’t tried the Hadleys yet, but they look really pretty! The color reminds me of a blue spruce tree, which is a bluey green color pine. My mom has one in her yard.

  5. I was in the same boat with the Hadleys- I snagged the leaf green ones for $50. I wouldn’t pay more than $75 or so. The fit isn’t perfect and the tan patch is too pale to be on trend, but I do really like them. I definitely prefer them to the Pipers.

    1. Thank you, me too! And ya, I don’t love the fit but I still wear it and get tons of compliments because the lace really is eye catching

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