Can horses live in bubble wrap?!

Seriously though… the first person who invents a horsey bubble wrap is going to be a kajillionaire. No joke.


Rio’s spider bite wound has been a bit slower to heal then I would like, but it had (notice the past tense) been looking pretty good. I had even gotten to the point where I was only covering it with a lightweight sock with some compression (to keep the flies off) and it had barely been getting swollen at all, which is big deal considering this leg has been wrapped non-stopped since late May. Things were on the up and up, and I had my eyes set on an A show in Tyler, TX mid September.


Well… MM texted me a picture of Rio’s leg on Tuesday. It was a bloody mess. Apparently he has somehow managed to re-open part of the wound. #SoRude of him. After cleaning it up though, it didn’t look too bad though so no vet visit was necessary. I could have gone out that evening, but MM had doctored it and wrapped it, and I was feeling kind of blue about the situation, so knowing there was nothing I could do, I stayed home. I did come out Wednesday to check it out. It was a bit swollen under the stable wrap but not bad. I was a bit concerned though, it seemed deeper then I would have like. Still not awful or anything, I was mostly just frustrated that it was re-opened after looking so good. I wanted to see if he was lame under saddle, so I tacked him up and walked him a bit. He seemed totally fine so I trotted some, again fine, minus being dorky because he had a stable wrap on. Did not seem in any pain so I was happy about that.

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