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Taking sun protection seriously at the show! #monogrameverything



This past weekend I spent 2 days at the beautiful Texas Rose Horse Park cheering on my barn family. Rio may be home living the life of a pasture puff, but I still enjoy horse shows and cheering on my team mates. It was a lovely time, and a lot of success was had by everyone on the team!


I took Clarky on a little walk of the ring before the derby. I credit my amazing walking skillz for all his success LOL LOL.


MM rode Clark in his first National Derby and they did awesome!!! It was a super positive experience in a really competitive field. Clark jumped around like the super horse he is, with only very minor rookie errors. They will be strong contenders once a bit of experience is under his belt.


First round of the derby:

ClarkMegan9.15.17 from Kelly on Vimeo.


Gorgeous, no?


Receiving their ribbons post derby (Clark in on the far left)


MM and Clark pose for the camera



All of the juniors and ammys had an amazing time, and met many of their goals for the show and won some terrific ribbons. Trainer had some awesome trips as well, including a double clear in 1.20 for the blue ribbon on Cascai.

Trainer and Cascai in the 1.20 (pc: Savannah Weaver Photography)


Cas, Clark, and Elliot with their excited and smiling riders pre-showing on Saturday morning! #TeamVF


In other good news, Rio’s wounds are really looking a lot better! Amazing Vet is bringing the laser to the barn this evening and showing me how to use it, so I will post a wound update post at the end of the week. Hopefully we will have a ton of good progress to show. I’m feeling very hopeful that the worst is behind us and Rio will we ready to get back to work in 4 weeks or so (totally random number, just my personal guess).  Rio is hoping for the same as well, because he is sick and tired of me messing with his legs!


Mr. Grumpy post bath and cleaning his legs. Don’t worry, I bribed him to cheer up with lots of carrots

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  1. obvi it’s not always as fun as getting to ride in shows ourselves, but i love getting to go watch and cheer on the team at horse shows too!! definitely a whole different pace and atmosphere when we don’t have any pressure from our own rides lol. still tho… fingers crossed that Rio shapes up asap!!!

  2. yay you had a good horsey weekend without saddle sores and yay that Rio’s wounds are turning the corner!!…

    Looks like it was a very gorgeous day for a horse show with some gorgeous horses…!!

  3. Okay, so I love that MM gives Clark such big pats when he’s good. Makes me happy bc sometimes you don’t see that as much in the big hunter classes. 🙂

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