Vet Update #54826186: Laser Therapy


Hey guys! Sorry I am a few days late with this update. I’ve been spending more time at the barn then on the computer, so I can’t say that I’m too sorry!


I last posted an up update on Sept. 13th, so if you haven’t already check that one out real quick so you’ll see where we left off.


On 9/15 I felt that Rio’s right hind wound (the site of the spider bite and splint bone fracture) had filled in with enough new tissue that I discontinued the use of SSD, which is amazing for forming new tissue but can also get carried away and cause proud flesh if used for too long. In it’s place, I started using PES Derm that I had already been using on his left hind.  Amazing Vet also brought by her practice’s laser on Monday 9/18 and it renting it to me so I can do daily treatments on both wound sites.


RioLaser9.20.17 from Kelly on Vimeo.

“Flashy…. lights lights lights. Flashy… lights lights lights” -Kanye before he was a giant dick



If you are not familiar with laser therapy, this is my understanding in a nutshell: It uses several types of light which are supposed to stimulate the formation of more capillaries in the effected area, thus bringing more oxygen and taking away waste products more efficiently. This is ideal for Rio’s types of wounds- which basically couldn’t be any further from the heart and could use all the blood flow possible. I think I read that it also stimulates collagen production which helps with healing as well. There are a few promising studies that I looked over that showed a reduction in healing time as much as 30% in some cases. I by no means think that laser is a miracle cure, and it honestly may not even help. BUT- I figure it doesn’t hurt to try, and while my insurance doesn’t cover the cost, the rental fee is relative inexpensive so I am giving it a go!


Anyway- on to the photos! Let’s start with the right hind:




And now the Left Hind:




On 9/20 I took pre and post lasering photos out of curiosity. I wanted to see if there was a visible difference in the tissue. You can decide for yourself because I’m on the fence.


So… I know it may not look like a ton of progress, but I have come to realize that wound healing is a very slow process and I really am being patient. Laser hasn’t been on board for even a full week yet,  and these things can take many weeks to show much progress from my understanding. I am pleased with the right hind progress- it really does look good in person. I, of course, wish there was more visible progress with the LH, but we will see what next week brings. I really do think these things just take time, and I’m hoping to see more of a difference in a week. Fingers crossed!


I also wanted to take a moment and say THANK YOU again to everyone. SmartPak did this really amazing things where they regrammed one of my Insta’s of Rio and it brought a ton of new readers to the blog. A lot of people took the time to reach out to me and share similar stories of that their horse’s went through and what worked and didn’t. I am learning SO MUCH about wound care through this experience. Like, I wish I didn’t have to, but the outpouring of support and shared knowledge has been really incredible. Horse people are seriously the BEST PEOPLE.



Elk pons unite! Scottie and Rio sharing some love #hunkyhanoverian #Scotti #elkpon #horselove

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  1. i think it looks minutely better. Hopefully the next update will be even more noticeable. I do think they look less ‘angry’ if that makes sense?? Great job! Glad you got more followers one way to look at the positive 🙂

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