Spiders are Evil

So… remember when I said I thought Rio’s gaping leg hole had maybe plateaued and we were hopeful it wouldn’t get bigger? Joke’s on us!!!

***WARNING: This post contains graphic medical images. Continue at your own risk!***

Quick reminder- this was his leg on Tuesday 5/30. Basically looked the same as the day before, and we were hopeful that this was the worst of it.

Here is Wednesday 5/31. M changed his bandage and said it STUNK. Wednesday was also his first full day on the new broader spectrum antibiotic.

So much for it not getting bigger….


Thursday 6/1 M said the bandage didn’t smell nearly as bad, she also feels it looks a bit better. I think it looks like aliens have taken residence in his leg. I mean, I work at a huge hospital and see all kinds of gross wounds, and Rio’s is starting to make me a bit squeamish.



So I haven’t seen it yet today (bandage usually gets changed around 4 pm. I plan on changing it myself tomorrow when I go for a lesson on Trainer’s horse, so I will report back with another 2 days of progress pics then. I will also hopefully have some media from my lesson to give everyone’s eyeballs a break.

We are still thinking it is likely a spider bite. Thoughts?

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  1. Omg that poor baby! I had to just glance at it and move on. I’m honestly worried about structural damage since it’s so large. 🙁 I’ll keep you guys in my thoughts. I hope the new antibiotic really helps and kicks this terrible wound in its rear!

    1. Yes we are also worried about that but at this point we can’t do anything about it unfortunately. Surgery just isn’t an option with the state it’s in now, we need it to start healing and growing goof tissue before we can do anything else. Fingers crossed and thank you for thinking of us!

    1. That’s exactly how I feel! He still seems in good spirits. He doesn’t love all crap we are putting in his grain (probiotics, ulcer supplements, etc) but he still mostly eating it. Loves his alfalfa but doesn’t eat all the coastal all the time. He gets about an hour of turnout in a small paddock with tons of grass and he loves that and eats like crazy. Drinking plenty of water.

  2. ok so i’m just now discovering your blog and getting caught up and Rio is freakin adorable and i luffs him already but OMFGWTF that hole in his leg is intense ? fingers crossed you can halt any further necrosis and that it can begin healing without issue!

    1. Welcome to my blog! Ya you kinda caught us at a bad time, but fingers crossed for a fast recovery and back to the “fun stuff” soon. Rio is tough and is getting every possible care so I just know he will pull through.

  3. Well I can understand you are concerned. The photos do show that it seems to be improving. I agree that it still has a good way to go. I’m glad to hear he likes the grass. That is a real plus as it is something digestible and moist for him. That will do him good and the alfalfa will be good for his stomach as well. Best of luck and please keep us posted. As horse owners we have all been through some situation that has had us on tenterhooks so we are with you in spirit.

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