A Break in the Heat

Something insane happened this weekend. It’s mid July and it wasn’t that hot. I am not even kidding. According to Accuweather.com it was high of 94 Saturday but when I rode at 9:30 for my lesson it maybe felt mid 80’s and there was a breeze, so really not terrible. Sunday morning was the real shocker though- amazing cloud coverage and a COOL breeze, it was actually pleasant!! With a high of 91, I swear the morning felt like 78-80, and the breeze made it even more pleasant. Sorry to brag but don’t get too jealous, the forecast this week is 99 or 100 each day so… I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Best boy ever gets tons of treats

Our lesson Saturday was phenomenal. We are continuing to concentrate on straightness and it is really showing. I can still feel him wanting to drift left approaching some jumps (especially in a line) and I am getting quicker about catching it. When I don’t straighten him, we pretty much have no prayer of landing the right lead. As if by magic though, a straight Rio is able to land the correct lead. WHO KNEW?

On Sunday we worked on a bit more flat work, incorporating lots of leg yields, and working more on collected/working/lengthen trot and canter. I KNOW that working with-in the gait should be something I do every ride, but I realized I haven’t been focusing on it as much as I should lately. Rio seemed to enjoy the variety, and was excellent all weekend.

As it turns out, it is harder then I imagined to get a leg yield pic. This is our attempt at it. My 100% non-horsey husband got these and I am pretty proud of him!

Rio’s auntie (aka my BFF) gave him a new halter, so we also did a mini post-ride photo shoot. Again, the weather was so brilliant we weren’t in a rush to get indoors, otherwise these photos wouldn’t have happened.


So majestic. So handsome.
Only puts his ears for treats
As soon as he gets the treats, his ears go back again. I am obviously ridiculously happy and not deterred by this.
Again, this is definitely the look of horse who is barely tolerating cuddles, and only because I just shoved his mouth full of carrots.

Also, have you ever tried to ask a muggle to take a conformation picture? I had to explain like 5 different ways what a conformation photo was to my dear hubby and I am still not convinced he understands me. That’s ok though, he gets an A+ for effort because he took all these amazing photos and I am super proud of how good he is getting.





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  1. Hahahahaha I can relate so much to the confo pic struggles. We’ve been doing monthly confo pics for like five years now and every time I end up yelling at Hubby during them.

  2. When I want a specific type of shot and my DH is stuck as the photographer, I show him examples and say what to focus on. Like trot pictures, I show him an example and say “see how the horses legs are and that the rider is sitting” — THAT’S what I want. Also, sport mode is a god-send LOL

    1. Good advice! I probably should take the time to better trainer said muggle husband and not just critique all his work LOL! Agreed on the post mode being a god send too.

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