Pre-show Prep

I’m bored at work on a Saturday- so I thought I would go over my shows goals and packing list. I’m always curious what other people’s pre-show prep is, so now I am sharing mine!


Show Goals:

  1. Do not freak out on long approaches to oxers. If distance isn’t perfect, don’t sweat it. Recover, and keep riding.
  2. Prepare for the changes and ask for them in an organized manner.
  3. HAVE FUN.


Ya, I don’t have too many goals lol! Honestly, if I get around every course I will be happy. I expect us to make plenty of errors, but I also hope we can learn from them, and do better in the next round. I feel prepared going into the show- just not show ring polished. This is also Rio’s first  A show, and 3rd show ever- so I’m keeping my expectations very low ribbon-wise. Many of the horses we will show against will be seasoned competitors that have done this countless times, so I’m going to try really hard not to compare myself to them. I really want to focus on the FUN aspect- and enjoy the fact that after numerous setbacks, we finally made it! We are going to be out there, doing what I’ve been dreaming of doing.


If the changes don’t all happen- that’s ok. If every distance isn’t perfect, that’s ok. We are not perfect at home, so I certainly can’t expect us to be perfect in a high-anxiety show situation. Mostly, I don’t want to let Rio down. I want to give him good rides, and be fair to him. Hopefully, we end the show with a respectable round or two, but if not, we will have plenty to build on for the next time!


I am most excited about spending 5 days with my horse and my friends, doing what we love! No matter how the results end up, I full expect us to have an amazing time.


My oversized trunk basically holds all things


Packing List:

  1. My trunk (which has most of my crap in it thankfully)
  2. Saddle (can’t forget this one)
  3. Boots (both brown and black pairs)
  4. Show coats (bring my navy AA Motionlite one and my green RJ Classics)
  5. Show shirts (all 5…6? of them)
  6. Show breeches  (boring tans for dayssss)
  7. Show helmet (must not forget this one or else I’ll be showing in my brown Sammy)
  8. Shaped fleece hunter pads
  9. Braiding supplies including light & stepstool
  10. Sleezy (must find it and potentially fix any holes)
  11. Fake tail
  12. Boot polish kit
  13. Sweaters/vests/jackets (Low in the 30’s and highs in the 50’s which is muy frio for Texas lately lol!)
  14. Ear warmers/baseball hats
  15. Snacks (I always make a Sam’s Club run before shows)


Rio the elk got a full body clip last week- mostly courtesy of MM because I SUCK at it


So what about you guys? Do you obsess like this before shows? I am honestly anxious just thinking about the show LOL. I will feel so much better once I get there and school in the actual show arena, over the actual jumps. I’ve been flatting all week (Since MM is already at the show with the rest of the barn for week 1), and Rio has been great! But, it’s hard to not be jumping, because I still feel like there is so much we need to work on. It’s kind of like the night before a big test, where all you really want to do is cram, cram, cram and pull an all-nighter, but you just have to accept that you are as prepared as you can be, and that it is more beneficial to get a good nights sleep then continue studying. That is how I feel, no joke!





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  1. It sounds like you have some awesome goals to work towards.
    That is a strategy I love to use if pre-show nerves start to creep in – set goals which are based on performance/skills rather than outcomes (ie placing/winning).

    Good luck!

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