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Post topics have been slim pickings for me lately. I’m still lessoning when I can, and I’m still visiting Rio regularly, there just doesn’t seem like much to say. I am dearly missing the amount of saddle time I was previously accustomed too, but talking about that feels whiny considering what many people are dealing with right now during these turbulent times.

When I go hang out with Rio it feeds my soul, but it isn’t exactly thrilling blog fodder. The routine is the same, I stuff his face with treats and give him a thorough grooming. Then if it’s a nice day, I take him for a walk through the park. Unfortunately, it’s been so rainy lately that it’s just too wet to do much walking.The rain isn’t keeping Rio’s spirits down though!

On Sunday I arrived at my parents and headed down to give Rio a kiss and a quick scratch. My parents are going through a HUGE remodel, and they currently don’t have a kitchen. They do however have an RV which they keep parked down by the barn. After a quick hello to Rio I popped into the RV to chat with my mom and sister. As we are sitting there talking my sister says, “Uh… are the horses supposed to be running around the backyard?”

I had gone through the gate from the backyard to pasture to see Rio and get to the RV…. SHIT!!!! The yard was SOAKED from all the rain and we rushed outside to be be met with the scene of 3 horses absolutely tearing around the backyard. I screeched, ” RIO NO!! WHOA RIO!” and he gallops past me literally JUMPING the narrow concrete sidewalk that leads down to the barn. I just stood there in utter astonishment as I watched the wild herd of predominately geriatric horses ripping around and causing massive damage to the lawn. All I could think… “My dad is going to KILL me!”

Once the horses were caught and returned to the pasture, looking very pleased with themselves, my mom, sister and I spent the next 30 minutes trying to stomp in the holes and hide the damage. my dad has just given me grief the previous week since I sometimes walk Rio through the yard to go on our walks. This time though, there were massive divots everywhere. See for yourself:

So anyway… my dad did find out and wasn’t pleased but it WAS an accident afterall. I am 99% sure I pulled the gate closed behind me, but I didn’t do the top latch, and either Rio or Pal must have opened it- they both know how to.

The following day Rio threw a massive hissy fit about being separated from his girlfriend aka Nala. Even though she was only maybe 500 ft away and still clearly visible (bring ridden by her owner’s granddaughter), Rio showed his annoyance by being an absolute pill in his stall.

My mom had planned to let him out once the other horse was in the separate paddock, but once he started throwing a fit he got to stay put. He was only in there for maybeeeee 30 minutes, but you would think it would the end of the effing world. Here is just one minute of his antics, but he acted like this the entire time. Apparently my horse is 8 going on 3 yrs old. Joy.

He’s annoying but I still love him, as do my parents and their neighbors.


So how are you guys? How is everyone doing?

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  1. If it makes you feel any better, I feel the same way about having not much to blog about — BUT I’ve found that even just seeing Niko, spending some time with him and grooming is good for my mental health.

    I love your Rio updates — he looks happy and healthy! Keep ’em coming <3

  2. So glad Rio is doing well (and being a brat still) and i wondered about the divots on Insta so now I know hahaha…

    not much content for any of us really….stay safe and keep on sharing Rio with us! Thanks i need laughs!

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