The Adult Saddle Club

I have had the opportunity to make some wonderful friends over the years via social media. It can be hard to believe sometimes that lasting friendships can bloom from a chance meeting on IG, but it really is possible. A couple of years ago I started chatting with a group of lovely ladies and a few of us decided to start a podcast. More then a year later, we have finally all gotten together at the same time! One of the woman (Taylor) has stepped away from the podcast for the time being due to the need to focus on her new journey into motherhood, but we are all still tight friends who talk regularly.

The saddle club of adult amateurs: From Lt to Rt: Olivia, Me, Taylor, & Claire

When I was planning a trip with my family to NYC and CT (were my family lives as well as Taylor) I absolutely knew that a get together needed to happen. Although Taylor is 33 wks pregnant, she generously invited us out to her barn to ride 2 of her boys. Pony time ended in lunch and it seriously couldn’t have been more fun. What I would give for us to all live nearby, or better yet, be at the same barn. What can I say, horse people are TRULY the best people!

Taylor young horse, Diddy, has the biggest character ever and I adore it

So I am not going to lie- I was most excited about riding Cam. You know those instagram posts where people ask which IG horse you’d most like to ride? I would always pick Cam. A 17 something hand big bay with a blaze, Cam has done the 3’6 AO’s with ease and he looks like an absolute ball to ride. Turns out- he really IS that fun to ride. A trot that is to die for and a big lopey canter, I could ride Cam all day. He responded to the easiest corrections and seems to read your thoughts. I adore him.

King Cam even gets his mane banded like Rio does

A bit more on the petite side, I took Diddy for a spin next. Diddy is either 5 or 6 yrs old (I can’t remember exactly), and still on the less experienced side compared to his big brothers. I didn’t expect to enjoy him as much as I did! Don’t get me wrong, I knew he was a lovely horse, I just only had eyes for Cam. I loved Diddy though! I sometimes forget that I really do love the slightly greener ones. Riding them just feels more rewarding to me. I can totally tell Diddy is going to be a little sports car once he is a bit more experienced.

Ya ya, I’m looking down – sue me ok?

How adorable is he?!?


Anyone else made real life relationships that originated via social media? I still have lots more people I’d love to meet someday!

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