Karinda K Equine Photography

The photos have arrived!!!

I am so excited to share these images of Rio, I am obsessed. They were taken by Karina K Equine Photography. Rio had a mini photo shoot in late April, and now I can finally share the images. I loved SO MANY of them, but budget constraints and all! These 2 topped the rest  and I couldn’t decide between them, so I obviously had to purchase both (screw the budget!). For copyright reasons, the photographer requests that only the watermarked images be shared on social media.

Copyright Karina K Photography
Copyright Karina K Photography

I am working on re-doing the look of the blog, so expect changes in the future and these beauties to be prominently featured!

Which one is your favorite??

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    1. Thank you!! I am so pleased with them, and although I b*&^%$ and moan about it, I always thinks pro pics are worth the money 😉

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