Rio Vet Update

If you’re new to my blog the quick and dirty of it is Rio got bit but what we assume was a poisonous spider at the end of May. It got really bad before it got better, but he’s been on the mend and I’ve been riding him again for about 2 weeks now. Check out the whole saga in the health/vet category if you want to see all the gory photos!

Good news is, the wound is much better, bad news is that healing for the past 2-3 wks has been a bit stagnant. It’s closed up- but healing seems to have stalled out.

After discussing options via text with Amazing Vet, she felt the best option would be to debried the wound, cut out some of the middle tissue, and suture the wound shut. I was nervous about him having a procedure, which would inevitably lead to more healing time and could lead to complications.  Don’t get me wrong- I trust Amazing Vet 100%, but I also work in healthcare and am well aware that the best laid plans can sometimes still have side effects. Regardless, I trust my vet 100% so I was fully on board with the plan. If the benefit outweighs the risk, you gotta go for it. 

Vet came out today to do the procedure, and great news! After inspecting it in person she decided that it was actually healing better then she initially thought and we are going to stay the course. I even get to stop wrapping it once the antibiotics course is completed in a few days!! Holla!

In summary, he is still healing well and we are going to keep on keeping on! Keep your eyes peeled for more riding updates, and less vet ones!


I was so excited to not incur additional vet bills today (only slightly joking) that I did a quick stop by at Dover, which is always a good time!

Update (for Joanne!):

So what’s actually in that Dover bag? Nothing too terribly exciting, just some odds and ends I have been keeping a list of that I need. There are two plain white saddle pads (I like to be able to bleach them so I tried to avoid colored piping), boot trees, 2 fly masks (Rio’s have been getting destroyed lately) and a likit refill!

P.s. for those that don’t know- always check the Dover sale/ closeout section online and make sure you get the same price in store!

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