Tour of the new barn

So I have been LOVING the new barn (Flower Mound Farm)! It’s on tons of great pasture and is a large 2 aisle barn with 6 grooming areas, 2 wash racks, and a plethora of tack rooms. The 12 x 12 stalls are nice and open with window views of the outside and are always cleaned super well. They also really bank the shavings to prevent horses from getting cast which I love. Not the fanciest facility I’ve ever been to, but it’s incredibly well run and full of good people! All the boarders are incredibly welcoming and super friendly to boot.

View as you pull in

One of the pastures
The indoor arena from the outside, which is connected to the barn
Front of the barn, I love the adorable porch and rocking chairs
Indoor arena (borrowing this pic from the website because I didn’t get a good one)
Indoor arena again, this time facing the barn aisles. Rio’s stall is the first on the far left.
Rio loves his stall 😊
One of the 2 aisles with the indoor at the far end
Tack cleaning area
Lounge area, which has AIR CONDITIONING! Pics of the lounge also borrowed from FMF website because I forgot to take pics of it

Larger outdoor arena. Very wet currently with all the rain we’ve been getting!


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