Unicorns Heal Superfast

Great news! Rio’s leg appears to be on the mend. Everyone sending good vibes must be working because Rio’s leg seems to have taken a turn for the best and has looked consistently better these past 2 days.

Saturday, first day of noticeable improvement

Rio has seemed a bit depressed this weekend and slightly off his feed- I think the antibiotics are upsetting his tummy. We are also putting a lot of stuff in his grain that he doesn’t like (like probiotics), which doesn’t help. When he wouldn’t eat his grain this morning Trainer consulted with Amazing Vet and she recommended some banamine and we are withholding his antibiotics for 24 hours to give his GI system a break. He happily grazed all afternoon and ate the majority of his grain this evening so I’m not too worried. He has also maintained solid manure, so overall I think he’s doing well. When I left this evening he was eating his hay.


Amazing Vet is coming to check him tomorrow and we’ll see about restarting his antibiotics then. Fingers crossed for a good progress report!

Ado is giving Rio the stink eye ?

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