The Rio and Scottie Saga

Rio made the move to the new barn today- Flower Mound Farm. I work late today, so I can’t even go see him, but thankfully amazing Trainer and MM have been sending me tons of snaps and pics. Here is a photo story or Rio’s interaction with his newest friend (MM’s horse), as I imagine they would interact.

hanoverian horse friends warmblood
Rio is on the left

Rio: “HEY. Hey I’m Rio. Let’s be BEST FRIENDS. Look how high I can lift my leg! I’m so fun and awesome! And handsome, like so so handsome. I know because my mom tells me ALL the time!”

Scottie: “Umm… idk if we can be friends. You seem kind of high maintenance…and you have really big ears. Just look at them!”

hanoverian horse friends warmblood

Rio: “No way! Look, I am so chill. I can just hang out and chill all day. I won’t even lift my leg high anymore. From down here my ears don’t even look big. And we are like twinsies. I heard our moms say that.”


hanoverian horse friends warmblood

Scottie: “I mean… I guess… you smell kind of ok so maybe. Let me think about it.”


hanoverian horse friends warmblood

Rio: “UGH NO. I’m completely awesome and I guess you just can’t see that. I mean, look how amazing and archy my neck is! And I can flip my mane like nobody’s business!”

hanoverian horse friends warmblood

Scottie: “Fine. We’re done. You seem too uppity. I vote we just ignore each other.”

Rio: Ignores Scottie 

hanoverian horse friends warmblood



And they lived happily ever after…



Thanks MM for all the photos of my handsome, archy necked, hair flipping baby!!!

MM and Rio


Best news for last…. Rio’s wound is finally scabbing over and…. I got the OK from Amazing Vet to start RIDING AGAIN!!!!! That’s right- RIDING HIM!!!! So so sooooooooo excited to see how he feels tomorrow!


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